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Together Again: a novelette by D. Rose

For Chanel, a much-needed girls’ night out turns into a whirlwind of romance with her former high school crush, Ace. When their worlds collide, old feelings resurface, and an intense love affair ensues. 

Will Chanel and Ace let their hearts lead them to true love? Find out in Together Again.


EXHALE by K. Yvette

Chemistry is unmatched and incomparable when two beings are in the same room. 
He describes his energy as charged whenever she’s in his presence. 
She claimed to have inhaled all of him. She’s been holding her breath ever since the day he left her. 

EXHALE is the conclusion to this love story. 
K. Yvette debut release, Living Single is now available on Amazon.


STRIP (Heavy On The D Book 2) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Three friends experiencing life’s uncertain changes decide they need relaxation beyond the usual girls’ night out. A friend tells them about, The Den, an upscale male strip club. They find out the club is a shell of what really lies beneath—and soon, the ladies are venturing into their mind and body’s wildest desires.

This is Patience Addison’s story.


A Love Like This by Kay Shanee

Rasheeda Hanes has always shied away from serious relationships, and it isn’t because she doesn’t have any interest in them. She finds that the men she dates aren’t ready for the type of love she desires. Rasheeda wants a man that will love her from deep down in his soul, and she is patient enough not to rush the process.

Foster Murray is not your average black man. From a young child, his relationship goal has been to do the exact opposite of his parents. Their failed relationship was an example of what not to do. Although finding love, it isn’t in the way he expects. Unfortunately, after twenty years of marriage, the happily ever after he thinks he’s attained comes crashing down.

Rasheeda and Foster’s May-December romance has the love, passion, and intimacy for the perfect love story. But will trust issues and family drama stand in the way of their fairytale?

*This book is a spin-off of Roll Bounce Love and And Then We Fell in Love. Although the stories can be read separately, you may have a more pleasurable reading experience if you read the aforementioned books.*


April’s Showers by B. Love

Overworked and under stimulated, Kelsie decides to take a last-minute vacation to Treasure Island. She isn’t prepared for it to rain the entire time she’s there, but Diego, her traveling companion and best friend’s brother, has a few ways to keep them both entertained and satisfied. If Kelsie agrees… the sky won’t be the only thing wet for the week…


Come Undone: A Brighton Bay Short by Skye Moon

She was his one that got away.

He was the one she hoped to never see again.

But when an unexpected twist of events forces Ishmael and Sakari into the same space, a battle of wills begins. They soon find themselves fighting the allure of the one with the power to make them come undone.


Savage: a short (Lavendale Book 1) by Aubree Pynn

The Hills may have the Monarch’s and Prophet’s but Lavendale is the home of the Knight’s and their queens.


Legion of Kings by Danielle James

Money, murder, and loyalty. 
That’s the code Legion of Kings lived by.
We were a brotherhood of bastards.
You either ran with us or ran from us. There was no in-between. 
We took what we wanted and killed witnesses and snitches.
My rules were law, and one rule was non-negotiable: No women in Legion of Kings.
Jupiter Gray was determined to shatter that rule along with everything else.
She was a wrecking ball and letting her into the Kings would be dangerous.
Letting her into my heart would be fatal.


The Alpha’s Affair (Hamilton Brothers Book 2) by Dria Andersen

Their affair was supposed to be a little fun, a lot of sex, but most of all…SECRET. Witches and shifters didn’t get along, so the chances of it going further should’ve been nil. Except…Brent was an alpha used to getting what he wanted and he wanted Mercedes. All of her. So he’d go along with her ‘lil affair idea’ until he could convince her that they belonged together.


Promise Me You Won’t Let Me Fall 2 by Perri Forrest

A girl.

A guy.

A one-night stand.

Fate threw us together—twice.

The first time was a vibe that led to some adult behavior…that neither of us would recall. The second time it was supposed to be a business transaction. That was it … just business. But it ended up being something way more than that. It was souls mating. Energy. Yeah, that’s how I would describe it. Two creatives drawn to each other on an indescribable level. One that shifted the foundation that I stood firmly on top of. After what I had gone through, my focus was on building empires and taking care of my amazing baby boy. I didn’t want to say that I was at the point where I had sworn off men—but I guess you could say that I was at the point where I had sworn off men. Somehow, though, the universe knew what she was doing, because this man that I got…

But then, there’s the one I had—or should I say, the one that was for the streets. You remember him, right? Percy. Well, he’s all in his feelings.

You know what’s crazy to me?

How bent out of shape men get when the shoe is on the other foot. They talk reckless, they throw tantrums, try to paint us as hoes. Never owning up to the fact that if they hadn’t fucked up a good thing, they wouldn’t have shit to worry about. The formula is simple. Act right and you never have to tap into all those emotions. With everything he did, you’d think he would just accept defeat, and gone about his business.

But nah, he had to go and do the unthinkable.

And it’s not just him either. Seems other individuals feel like they want to be up in business that doesn’t pay them. I’m just trying to live my life… my new life; be problem, and drama free. But you can’t go around trying to cause problems for other people’s lives and expect it not to come to your front door to collect.

I guess we’ll just let the consequences begin…


All They Need (The Bennett Family Series Book 3) by Rhonda McKnight

It was his second chance and nothing was going to keep them apart.

Harper Ingram needed the job her ex, Logan Bennett, had to offer. Without it, her design firm would be bankrupt in months. But working for Logan was proving to be more difficult than she imagined. Long hours, hot Vegas nights, and an irresistible attraction make her easy prey for his affection. Just when she’s ready to risk it all, an ugly accusation leaves her wondering if she knows him at all.

Logan walked away from Harper before, and he never told her why. He’s determined to get her back by any means necessary. A chance meeting opens the door for opportunity neither can resist. Can Logan convince her to trust him again, and is he willing to tell her why he broke her heart the first time? 


More Than Love Required : Truth in Fiction by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Abria loved Marshall. They were married fifteen years but at almost forty she was tired of it feeling like it was her marriage, their problems were hers to navigate. Marshall loved her but wasn’t predisposed to accepting responsibility for anything and felt saying I love you and gifting her beautiful things were enough. It had never been enough but now it was less than enough. She had to get away or lose everything that made her who she was. She knew no one would understand because they saw the stuff… the stuff they acquired together. She had been so quiet about her accomplishments even her family beyond her mom didn’t know all she had done. He thought of her career as an administrator for a nonprofit benefiting her community as her little job. She never told anyone her accomplishments or salary and Marshall was certainly not going to. He felt it diminished him. 

Marshall loved Abria and the scariest thing would be for her to leave him. But… he always thought of her as a lot of work. When they met at twenty-five she was working on a graduate degree and employed as a legal secretary for the most famous attorney in their city. In 2005 she was earning nearly six figures as a secretary to his sixty as a marketing consultant. She never told him but her mom made sure to and he was floored. Abrias mom made a point of telling him how smart and talented her only child was. Marshall knew Percola Hughes didn’t find him worthy of her daughter but his folks weren’t enamored of Abria. The Albrights found her too, ‘articulate’ whatever that meant but he had to have her. She personified all he desired even if he was intimidated by it. He was afraid of the changes he blamed on her nearing forty but couldn’t admit it was much more than an upcoming birthday. 


Guns and Love: Milo and Kimora by Cherish Amore

Back on the scene, Milo is out and ready to reclaim what was his. Prior to his incarceration, Kimora and Zahara were his world. Having to let her go did some damage, but he’s prepared to make up for it.

Kimora is hurt, having been left to deal with her heartache alone. Six years has passed since she’s been with Milo, but it’s almost as if no time passed at all. Quickly, they fall back into step, forming the family they had before.

Like with anything good, there are issues that arise. For Milo and Kimora, their problems take on the form of old enemies and meaningless exes. On the brink of losing what he loves most, Milo has to right his wrongs before too much time passes. Feeling familiar hurt rising up, Kimora pushes away the one she needs most, landing in a peculiar situation.

They say the other is their forever, but after dealing with everything thrown their way, will that statement remain true?


Ice Me Out: Dirty Diamonds by Dak

A diamond is still a diamond no matter how dirty it is. Diamond Kane’s past has shaped her, turning her into the killer she is. Diamond lives by the motto get that bread, get that head then leave.

But Diamond’s life isn’t as glitz and glam as it may seem. Her childhood trauma turned her cold. Getting payback from her past one kill at a time as she slowly transforms into her new true self. The people closest to her turn envious when it seems like Diamond gets her cake and eat it too. 

Diamond’s vengeance becomes her peace of mind as her heart grows cold. When one of the bodies she is about to drop is someone she once knew, Diamond’s entire life is changed. As Justice “Ice” Russ reentered her life Diamond wonders if he will be able to save her or add to the damage already done. 

Will Diamond continue her path of hate or will she finally find the peace she’s been searching for?


If It’s Meant To Be by Verinda M. Waters

Things have always been easy for Mia coming from a very affluent family. She has always been accustomed to getting her way in all things but on the last spring break of her undergraduate college career a change in plans leads to the introduction of two very different guys. Stunned that she has even ventured into this part of town they both become mesmerized by her personality. The two roommates who grew up together are determined to make something good out of their lives. Darius the smooth talker and what some may consider a ladies man has aspirations of making it big in the music scene but he’s not your typical music artist. Tick also has his own aspirations but is seemingly always in Darius’ shadow. They both meet Mia at the same time and what follows is a fight to prove who is the better guy. Darius may seem like the obvious choice but can Mia deal with the changes his new lifestyle will bing or will Tick prevail and finally prove the old mantra of nice guys always finish last wrong.


It Had To Be You Fayth & Charles by Pamela Campbell

Fayth thought she would be married forever, even though the rough patch that had them in counseling. But she was blindsided by a bunch of lies, and betrayal.

Now, newly single and still adjusting to her new life, Fayth never expected to meet the man that would restore her faith in love again.

Charles loved his single life, he dated multiple women often and wasn’t actively searching for that special woman to share his world with. That is until he laid eyes on Fayth again and felt a connection. He remembers her from a few years ago, at her husband’s restaurant. He knew that it was divine intervention that brought them back in the same space together again. Now that she was single, this time he wasn’t going to let her get away.

Can Fayth let go of the past hurt and learn to trust again? Will she be able to open her heart up again to fall in love?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up April 19th-25th

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