Harlow and Capri met at a young age, becoming best friends almost instantly. She knew separation would eventually come, but when it didn’t come as quickly as she expected, she thought they were in the clear. 

Finding out about a sudden move, Harlow kept it inside, not wanting to ruin the last moments with her truest friend. Forced to move across the Atlantic Ocean to Germany, Harlow and Capri are separated by miles and many years, causing their once close friendship to dwindle. 

Reunited eleven years later due to a tragedy, feelings they thought fizzled with time and age resurface, taking them both by surprise. There is one problem though—Harlow is now engaged and planning a wedding. 

In town longer than expected, Harlow and Capri realize what they thought was done may just be getting started. So, what happens when hearts that have been in a distance for years still beat at the same tune? Will time away have caused their hearts to remain at a distance, or will they realize they’re meant for one another?


New Release Spotlight – Hearts in a Distance, by Cherish Amore

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