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Sanctuary: A Noire Immortals Story by Alexandria House

Young love lost. 
Two hearts in limbo. 
An unbreakable bond. 
A love story for the ages.


Fall Knee-Deep In It by Monica Walters

Yuri Joseph is a gorgeous and financially independent massage therapist but has found herself in a dead-end relationship. Her soft heart won’t allow her to leave him, because she knows that she’s all he has. So, she keeps giving him chance after chance to get it right. The time has come for her to cut the cord, but he keeps trying to control the scissors. For every solution she comes up with, he presents a problem. One day at work, though, she receives just the motivation she needs – Maverick Pierce.

A massage therapist that knew how and when to apply pressure was what Maverick needed, but what he got is the woman he promised himself he would one day have. As a worker for the city, his career is set. Personally, though, he’s lacking. His desire is to have a wife and kids… a family. At thirty-four years old, Maverick is ready to settle down, but can’t seem to find the one woman he wants to do life with – until Yuri lays hands on him… literally. 

Sparks fly immediately, but Yuri is still living with her situation. Maverick is used to moving quickly when he wants something. He wants to bombard his way into Yuri’s life, but he also wants to do things her way… the least complicated way. Will he have the patience to wait for Yuri to get her life in order? Will Yuri stop prolonging the inevitable and allow Maverick to fulfill her every desire?


Take You Down (Fire & Desire Book 2) by D. Rose

Falling in love was never a part of the plan. 

For Leslyn Harvey and Ogun Olumide, all they needed was someone to answer when called. At first, the trips, gifts, and sex were enough to keep them pleased.

But what happens when the need becomes emotional? 

Leslyn and Ogun must put their fears aside and do the one thing they swore to never do, fall in love.


Red: A Ganton Hills Novella by Aubree Pynn

Kashmir Slayton is a man of means along with an insatiable need to have everything he wants. Currently turning a new leaf, an entrancer, who has slipped through his fingers, is pushing him to be the man he used to be. Recklessness and a raging temperament will cause him to turn the city upside down to get her back in his grasps.
Lehana Wilson is on her last ounce of luck and patience. As she works from sun up to sun down to take care of an ailing grandmother, she is trying her best to keep her head above water. With the Mayor’s Halloween ball approaching all she can focus on is working. But the forces that be have another plan for her.
Will fate allow Kashmir and Lehana to have everything they want and need? Or will the loss of what their hearts want be enough to have them seeing red.


The Law of Attraction (The Montgomery Girls Book 2) by AshleyNicole

Taryn’s been missing out on the best part of life. With a controlling father and a boyfriend trying to be her father, she feels it’ll never happen. Then, a chance encounter one evening changes everything. 
Qais is having one of the worst days of his life, until he finds himself alone with a mystery woman with a secret need that only he can satisfy. Ultimately, he finds that she sates a need he didn’t realize he had. 
After three days together, is it a fling, or is the law of attraction at play?


Soul Ties: A Brighton Heights Novel by Skye Moon

Iniko Paolucci has the world at her fingertips. As the daughter of Brighton Height’s most notorious and ruthless crime boss, anything she wants is at her disposal. When her life is suddenly put in danger, Niko’s perfect world is destroyed and she finds herself in the care of the one man she never thought she’d lay eyes on again.

After an assignment gone wrong, Kenyon Alexander is forced into an early retirement. Just when he’s getting used to living a normal life, he gets a call that throws him right back into the bloody world he despises, and aligns him with the woman he can’t bear to be around.


Hearts in a Distance by Cherish Amore

Harlow and Capri met at a young age, becoming best friends almost instantly. She knew separation would eventually come, but when it didn’t come as quickly as she expected, she thought they were in the clear. 

Finding out about a sudden move, Harlow kept it inside, not wanting to ruin the last moments with her truest friend. Forced to move across the Atlantic Ocean to Germany, Harlow and Capri are separated by miles and many years, causing their once close friendship to dwindle. 

Reunited eleven years later due to a tragedy, feelings they thought fizzled with time and age resurface, taking them both by surprise. There is one problem though—Harlow is now engaged and planning a wedding. 

In town longer than expected, Harlow and Capri realize what they thought was done may just be getting started. So, what happens when hearts that have been in a distance for years still beat at the same tune? Will time away have caused their hearts to remain at a distance, or will they realize they’re meant for one another?


Lust (The Deadly Sins Book 2) by Roy Glenn

The passionate, overmastering, uncontrolled intense desire for sexual gratification. But it is also an intense lust for power.
In her quest to find out about her families business, with the blessing of her father and her uncle, Mike Black, Barbara Ray has taken over Conversations. She had tasted power … and she liked it. Wanda told her that the lure of power was seductive and she was right. Now that her eyes are open and with RJ concentrating his attention on building his legitimate businesses, Barbara sees a path to the throne. She could see herself as boss of The Family. It remained to be seen whether she had what it would take to get her there.
Marvin Simmons has problems of his own. He is in love with Sataria; the problem is that she is married to his former business partner. Now he must chose what is best for him, what is best for Sataria and what is best for The Family.


Last Stop from Innocence by Takerra Allen

A nostalgic tale of first love, first loss, and the budding womanhood of a black girl in the 90s. 
Tragedy flips Amore Brown’s world on its axis before she heads off to college. Having to sit tight for the summer, she chooses Jersey City, New Jersey – the home of her estranged father – to pass time. Here in urban grit, a stark contrast from the comfort of the suburbia, she reconnects with a long-lost cousin for some final months of summer excursions, enrooting, and evolving. But it could never be so simple – even if it were all so simple then. 
Girls just want to have fun transforms into a kindling of summer romance tucked into the crust of good times, tribulations, close calls, and one hot summer in Jersey. Amore meets THE guy, finds solace for fresh wounds, and battles the thorny relationship with her father; all while learning heartache has no limits. 
But how much will Amore have to lose to find herself? On the road to the woman she’s becoming and removed from the girl she is no more; one stop changes her path forever.  

Last Stop from Innocence should really ‘shake the table’ for some people, because it’s a real moment, it’s genuine raw emotions with the grit and the grime…that dust that people don’t know if they are really seeing. It’s there and it’s coating the skin in such a way that all you desire is a good tub of hot water and soap, just to get it off of you, and scrub until you wash the layers off, piece by irritating piece. The manipulation of Takerra’s innate creativity stuns the foe as well as the fan, she always brings that forgotten card to the game and trust and believe that captivation is a given with each new TA Production. “It’s not games, baby. It’s art. The art of love and war.” – Tamela


Suck Me Slow by Mel Dau

Queentesa ‘Queenie’ Manigault lives her life to please others with very little time for self. Although this is what she does, it is not what is required from her family who love her dearly. They want her to have a much-needed life break and Montego Bay is just the answer. With a fully paid five-day trip gifted to her by her mother, Queen, and brother, Avery, she is sent on a mission to get her life. Well, life is what she plans to get but somehow love sneaks into the picture accompanied with steamy passion to tie a bow. 

Cameron Jordan is on a Bachelor Week Ultimate Vacation in honor of his cousin’s wedding. His plan is to hang with the guys, soak up some sun and have some drinks. That all changes with the bump of a shoulder into Queenie. Finding a peace that he has never found with her allows him to be sucked in slowly by the woman she is. He wasn’t looking for love, but when it comes with passion tied to it, will he be open? 

Find out what happens when two souls are sucked slowly into love. 


The Aftermath: The Chronicles of Brock Lane (The Windy City Crime Series Book 3) by Mark Stephen O’Neal

The worse appears to be behind Brock Lane as he tries to put the pieces of his life back together after the kidnapping situation with his stepfather, Brent Jones. All of the players in the heist are either locked up or dead, and Brock decides to be transparent with his team by scheduling a press conference with the media in order to tell the world what really happened. He also embarks on a new relationship with a young woman name Naomi Hill who knew him from college, and they inform the family of their engagement. Everyone in the family supports them except Brock’s sister Nikki, and this rift sparks major drama between all of them. The Aftermath is the third installment of the series.


Off the Deep End: Book 4 (The Reign Series)  by Brittany Baker

One Relationship: TWO SIDES

Life just won’t let up for 21-year old Addison Elise “Reign”. Plagued with the guilt of her best friend’s suicide during Fall Semester, followed by a series of traumatic events, Reign turns to her boyfriend, Luke for moral support. But, when Luke starts acting out of character, Reign’s anxiety levels heighten as she worries she is losing him.Scrambling to “save” their love, Reign quickly realizes that she is being drained and is suddenly faced with a difficult decision to reclaim her life.Coined the new bad boy of the NBA, 21-year old, Bull’s rookie, Lucas Bryanson, becomes the center point of controversy with his fiery temper. Desperate to not be anything like his erratic father, Luke goes to great lengths to deny any issues with his own mental health. After a violent moment of rage hits the tabloids, Luke is forced with an ultimatum: confront the past trauma holding him back, and get real about his mental health, or lose it all.Bound by love and a dark secret, Addison and Luke attempt to work together to find a way out of the deep end. Will they stay afloat, or sink together? 

About the series:
The topic of mental health is often taboo in the black community. Often harboring distrust in the medical community, African Americans are less likely to seek help for mental health struggles. The Reign Series was created to help normalize the act of asking for mental health help. Reigny Days was penned by author Brittany Baker when she was a junior at Purdue University. The books were written as short, yet powerful reads for college students and readers on the go. The series follows a young black woman with anxiety and major depressive disorder. With the exploration of themes such as mental health, family dynamics, toxic relationships, suicide, consent, etc., this series contains mature content.
Off the Deep End is Book IV in the series and is not a Standalone.


Til’ Death Do Her Part: A Harmony Highlands Suspense Novel by Candace Harris

The most important thing in Zara Neale’s life is her family. All her life, she’s been willing to do whatever it takes to keep everyone else happy. Even at her own personal sacrifice. 

But when her six-year-old daughter goes missing, her world turns upside down. 

Her husband, Ezekiel, is more concerned with his mistress— the glamorous Simone Strauss— than his family and when Zara couples up with a self-assured private investigator she discovers just how little she knows about her husband and those around her.

Embarking on a crushing journey of finding her daughter changes Zara in unimaginable ways, and just when she thinks she can’t take anything else, a biting tragedy spins her world off its axis, forcing her to rise above the mayhem and come alive.

For once in her life, Zara must face the fiery flames of her past transgressions. 

If she ever wants to see her daughter again, someone, or rather something must die. 


Love Come Back To Me by Kiara Neufville

“You are not unlovable.” – Alex Elle

The young and beautiful Kali Sutton thought she had wonderful life. But one day, she woke up one day and realized that her marriage was holding on by a thread. She tried desperately to make it work, but had to remember that some things aren’t meant to be held onto. Realizing her worth, Kali starts on a new journey of healing. On this journey, she found herself crossing paths with Milton AKA Trouble. But her marriage falling apart left her afraid to commit fully.

Her sister, Kiyomi Sutton, had been single for years. After trusting the wrong person with her heart, she sunk deep into depression, shutting down the possibility of relationships. That was, until she was captivated by intimidatingly handsome Omari known in the streets as “Gunna” who was like the fresh air Kiyomi always needed.

They say the toughest battles are given to the strongest people. In that case, Trouble and Gunna should be made of steel. They’d fought demons ever since they were kids. Love was a foreign concept to these friends. Until the sisters Kiyomi and Kali showed them they were not unlovable.


Broken Promises (Moriah’s Boys Book 2) by M.L. Sexton

Jerome James-Panton is a well-known, highly sought after landscaper. He is co-CEO of Panton Scaping along with his brother Mehki. After graduating from Morehouse College, he married Melina Blackstone. They divorce after failed attempts of her making it through rehab. The divorce was hard on the both of them, but Jerome moved on, so he thought. 

Carter Malone is Houston’s number one celebrity lawyer. She graduated from Spelman and then moved back to Houston to attend and graduate from Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Her life seems perfect from the outside looking in, but she’s holding a deep darks secret that almost gets her killed.

Jerome hires Carter to help him win a custody battle with his ex-wife of a child he never knew existed. But one thing leads to another and they both make decisions that they will later regret. What happens when promises are broken, and love isn’t enough to mend them?


Wrapped in Your Love (Love Language Book 3) by Mel G. and Rush

Goal-oriented Bethany Pritchett was a hard-working career woman whose greatest accomplishment in life had been starting her own business. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into turning her dreams into a reality. Bethany had everything she could ask for. A loving father who would sacrifice the world for her, best friends who loved and supported her, and a career that allowed her to do what she loved. She couldn’t ask for more… Or so she thought. 

Even with all that she had going for herself, there was still something missing. It wasn’t until her best friends Camilla and Patricia settled down that she realized what that something was. She was happy for her girls, and after seeing them so blissfully in love, she couldn’t help but want the same for herself. She had always hoped for a family of her own to come home to after a long day’s work, instead of the cold, empty house that greeted her every day. However, that was hard to obtain when her work consumed so much of her time. Her company had become her baby and didn’t leave much room for anything else. 

Marriage and babies didn’t seem to be anywhere in her near future. Especially not after the vow of celibacy that she’d committed herself to. Now, she’d found herself wondering if it was worth it? What was the purpose? She wanted happiness of her own, and as much as she loved her career, it was no longer enough for her. She wanted to have it all and was surprised to discover that what she was searching for was right at her fingertips. The only problem with that was the person offering it.


Legal Tender (On the Clock Series Book 5) by Shae Sanders

Nakima Bridges thought sending her twin sons off to college would be the start of a new, exciting life. She’s forty, single, and ready to mingle. Except she’s not mingling at all. She’s always working, especially now. All anyone at Billingsley-Davis can talk about is the two employees who made a sex tape, and as an HR manager, she’s been tasked with figuring out how to handle this powder keg. Unfortunately, that means working side-by-side with Cordell Warren.

He’s twenty-four, fresh out of law school, and the newest attorney at Billingsley-Davis. It’s his rookie status that gets him thrown onto this case but he’s determined to spin it into gold and prove his worth by any means necessary. It’s his drive for success that makes him cocky and overbearing, and those are traits that turn Nakima off initially. But the more time they spend working together, the more she gets to know him. Underneath the arrogant exterior is a nice young man. A handsome young man. A sexy young man. 

A man young enough to be her son.

Torn by her growing attraction, Nakima faces a dilemma. Will she resist the pull of a taboo relationship or will she give in to desire?

***This is book 5 On the Clock series of erotic standalones. Can be read in any order.


Little Dark Desire (Big City Small World Book 2) by Rae Shawn

After two years as a sous chef for a prominent CEO in Atlanta, Desire quit her job and ended up at her sister’s doorstep. The head chef she was working under had started to become a little more than she wanted to deal with, so she gave up everything she was building and left. But with a newfound vigor, she started working toward opening her own restaurant with support from her sister and a few new friends. Everything she had would go into this next chapter of her life.

Running was a part of his life. When his mother died and left him her bakery Midnight had to decide what to do. He had become a travel and food blogger because he didn’t wanted to be grounded and stuck in the same place forever. But he remembered growing up in his mother’s bakery and helping her on the daily. Circumstances seemed to be bringing him back to the one place he was trying to run away from, but he wasn’t even completely sure why he wanted to avoid it in the first place.

During a chance encounter, Desire and Midnight worked together to create a night filled with amazing food and dessert. Fighting attraction was the hardest thing for Desire when it came to being in the same space as Midnight. She didn’t want to start another relationship after what she recently went through. Unbeknownst to her, Midnight had already decided he wanted to pursue the woman in a city he no longer want to be in. But in the end, was it actually going to work between them? Was Desire having a wild dream or was she about to get everything she … desired?

* Main character is a member of the LGBTQ+ community
** Contains foul language, sexual content and bits of violence


One Weekend by Darby West

It was just supposed to be a weekend getaway to visit some friends, but love was waiting for Dedra. What was to be a weekend, turned into a week of unmatched love and romance. Unfortunately, the timing was wrong for them and it would be nearly twenty years before they reconnected again. Can they rekindle what they used to have, or is it now too late?


Never Too Late by Brenda Jackson

A snowbound reunion they never saw coming in this sizzling novella from New York Timesbestselling author Brenda Jackson, previously published as a serial and in the Forged of Steele Bundle!

Headed for divorce, Sienna Bradford pays one last visit to the picturesque vacation cabin she once shared with her husband, Dane Bradford. What she didn’t expect was to see him there too, and he looks as good as ever. Dane never stopped loving Sienna and wants answers about what went wrong.

When a sudden snowstorm traps them in the cabin, they are finally forced to face one other—and the spark that still sizzles between them! When the snow ends, can Sienna and Dane find the way back to each other or will the problems of their past keep them apart?


Falling For A Zombie Princess: A Zombie Shifter Romance (Zombies Rule The World Book 4) by LeeSha McCoy

Unlike the rest of Zombie Royalty, Raeni Clarke hasn’t revealed her identity to the world, so when she rocks up at Gower College, ready to start her new, ‘normal’ life, she’s not expecting to be recognised by anyone.

But someone knows who she is. There’s no mistaking the haunting eyes of Zombie_Royalty_Princess01.


The moment she stepped foot in my English class, I knew who she was.
Those captivating eyes only caught mine for the briefest of seconds, but even that was enough to shift my focus from dance, to her.
The entire world knows what the Clarke family did for us, and their protected status reminds everyone of the laws they had made demanding everyone leave them be.
But screw the law and her attempts to avoid me.
I can’t leave her alone.


Camr’yn’s figured out who I am, but even though he hasn’t outed me, I still avoid him.
I have to, at least until I can figure out if I can trust him.
I thought being human would make my life easier, but if anything, things are even harder, and more complicated.
But maybe this voice that I keep hearing inside my head will help me figure things out…

This installment of the Zombies Rule The World series is not a reverse harem romance. It does, however, include possible triggers and some scenes that you may find distressing. Reader discretion is advised.


Zander (The Hollister Boys Book 3) by Melinda L.

Zander Hollister loved being around the family but there became a time when that was the last thing he wanted. Forever he would be known as the baby of the family not only because he was the youngest but because they didn’t think he wanted anything more than having fun all the time. He was over having fun now all he wanted was to find the perfect person for him and settle down. 
Zora Donnelly hated being in love and not being wanted but that was the problem. She had moved her life for a job and never expected to find the love of her life, but here she was in love with someone she thought she could never have. The extended family she found made her feel safe and wanted but that one person treated her as another female to overlook. Until she decided to go after the man she wanted.


ENIGMA (Jahsir’s Interlude Book 2) by Taisha S. Ryan

The pain of betrayal pierces like a knife. And now Jahsir Martin is on a warpath to seek vengeance. But little does he know, the battle is more vicious than he could ever imagine. Because, what do you do when your biggest adversary is yourself? When the mirror tells the ugly truth, and the shadows of the past loom from a distance, it takes more than willpower to conquer through it all. In life, there is no redemption without restoration. No more running. 
It’s time to face the past. 
The truth. 
And most of all…
The music.


Saving Sunflower (The Sun Series) by Rae Lyse

Dominic DeBlanc is a wayward street hustler and part-time rapper constantly running from a past that haunts him. With a bleak outlook on life, he finds himself teetering between two worlds—a seedy one where he’s not guaranteed to see his twenty-second birthday and a promising one that might bring him recognition for his talent. 

After a chance encounter with a peculiar waitress, he finds himself engulfed in a friendship he never knew he needed. However, his complex life and reckless decisions challenge their already complicated bond.


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New Release Round-Up October 12th-18th

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