Married to her best friend, Kaya Brown’s life seems to get no sweeter. However, fate brings a sharp curveball and leaves her having to do serious heart work. Luckily for her, she stumbles upon someone that presents a safe space where she can lay her burdens down.

Stepping into his new role as owner of a family business, Ryland Davis is responsible for saving their legacy. He’s unwilling to stand aside and let what they’ve worked so hard for be snatched away. Despite being focused on strictly business, he still finds time to get to know and confide in someone outside his troubles.

Neither Kaya nor Ryland are prepared, but their friendship quickly shifts into a romantic whirlwind. Is what they’re building strong enough to hold against naysayers and onlookers? Or will they have to let love sail away and wait for its return elsewhere?


New Release Spotlight – Her Truth, His Lies, by Erika B.

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