Nathanial Channing has been working hard for years to achieve his goal of gaining the family’s business once his grandparents retire. He has worked hard as a single parent and he sees that success is in arms reach. But when his grandfather and grandmother drop a bomb that could potentially eliminate him out of the running for the company… what lengths will Nate go to, to make sure that he is the future CEO of the company?

Kris Jameson is a no-nonsense having person. She had dreams, but those dreams were placed on hold when she became pregnant and a single mother. When an opportunity falls into her lap to make money to provide for her and her daughter, Chasity, she hops right into the interview line. However, what she didn’t expect was the new requirements of the job. 

To secure his role as CEO, Nathanial needs love, and he chooses to use Kris. In exchange for Kris and her services, Nathanial promises to pay her back. But what happens when the exchange turns into something real…something more?


New Release Spotlight – In Exchange For Love, by Bree Wright

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