Darnel Reid was a normal fifteen year old girl, enjoying high school, getting good grades, and preparing for her future. But then, something horrible happened that started a chain reaction of tragedy in her life. Now, at 30, she has learned to exist, finding deep connections with people and with life impossible, subconsciously anticipating the next horrible thing. When a strange man comes into her life making a ridiculous accusation against her, she’s convinced that this is the tragic event that will finally kill her.

Arnold “Wood” Woodington is a successful businessman, trying to distance himself completely from street life. Drug money was simply a means to an end, and now he wants to make his father proud and honor his deceased mother. His biggest hang up is his best friend who refuses to give up a life of crime and go legit, like Wood. While Wood is battling with an inevitable decision about his friendship, he learns of a situation that could cost him everything he’s built, as well as his freedom. He must revisit the life he wants to leave behind, and take care of the woman who might be behind it all.


New Release Spotlight – Let Her Go, by Jay Ashlei

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