Faith is to have complete trust or confidence in someone or something designed to love, protect, and honor you. That is a perfect description of Faith, the eldest daughter of Pastor Theodore Valentine. She has complete trust in the first man she loved, her father, who selfishly puts his own needs, saturated with greed, over his child.

While Faith desires to minister to the people of God through music, her heart opens up and wide for Denver Daniels, a rough around the edges yet honorable young man who attends her church. With a first name like Faith and a last name like Valentine, Denver knows everything he desires and needs is deposited into one girl, and he has to have her. What starts out as a simple crush evolves into a forever love, or so they hope, until someone else who has eyes for Faith interferes.

Raziel “Razz” Streeter, like Faith, has a love for music that soon catapults his otherwise dark life into a space of light. That light is Faith. With the help of her father, Razz’s desperate need to be validated costs Faith not only her first love but herself, being sucked into their world of selfishness and greed.

Once the foundation of Faith’s life is shaken and secrets are revealed, a getaway to Mason yields as more than a time to hide. It births a second chance for Faith to love again when she reconnects with her first love—Denver. While Denver struggles to forgive, Faith’s presence unlocks the love he has deeply tucked deep away in his heart for her, and he just can’t seem to let go. Even if that means revealing more secrets that could destroy them all.


New Release Spotlight – Love Locked In, by Tisha Andrews

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