Part one of Love Trifecta ended with Langston receiving a threatening phone call that had her questioning the love of her life Darren “Yatti” Collins. After witnessing him murder a man in cold blood, there’s the lingering question… What has she gotten herself into?

Old secrets from Darren’s past, along with his uncle gunning for him, has him trying to remove the demons and move forward with the woman he fell in love with whose on edge because of their union. In this conclusive finale, will their relationship survive? Or will Langston decide that being with him will cause more harm than good and leave him to deal with his demons alone?

Lauren isn’t ready for children, but with Kofi trying to trap her, it causes her to run further away from him. With her sister Leslie being in a coma, she has more pressing issues to deal with before she could even think about a baby. There’s no doubt that the love is there, but the thought of being with child at the height of her career, pushes her further away from him. But is love enough for Kofi?

Leslie had been through the fire with her ex-boyfriend William Sacks. After suffering his mental and physical abuse, she finds refuge with her best friend, Christian, who is more than willing to love her the way that she deserves to be loved. But with William lurking in the shadows, causing more havoc than either of them intended, it becomes hard for them to find their flow and it ends in a heartbreaking tragedy that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The Graham sisters are in for the fight of their lives. Join them in this finale of Love Trifecta 2: Tangled Web Of Deceit.


New Release Spotlight – Love Trifecta 2: The Finale, by Storm

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