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Loving Sydnee Jones by A.C. Taylor*

It all started with one record…

He’s been hooked on her since he caught her singing in her garage. She felt their souls intertwine the moment they touched. But their love goes deeper than a chance encounter. Just how far will one of them have to go to prove it?


Thickerella (Faded Fairytales Book 1) by Tanzania Glover

“A Cinderella story as you’ve never seen it before.”

After the untimely passing of her father, Tillar Reed had to grow up quickly and let go of her childish desires for fairytales, romance and true love’s first kiss. But when she finds herself back home for the first time in years to keep her father’s house in the family, she meets an unlikely Prince Charming figure in Cameron Logan. Now she has to decide if this is really the happily ever after she dreamed of once upon a time or if she’d rather keep her options open because glass slippers just aren’t her style anymore.

The Faded Fairytales Series follows Logan brothers Cameron, Christian, and Chasen on their individual quests to conquer love, sex, and maturation while also grieving and attempting to rebuild their fractured brotherhood.



Annabelle and Lee by Danielle Allen

My grandparents had a beach house tucked in a cove on the shore, and I spent every summer until college there. Some of my best childhood memories were from my time at Heathrow Beach. Mostly because I was head over heels in love with my neighbor Lee Thompson.
He was adventurous.
He was brave.
He was twelve.
But my eleven-year-old heart knew he’d be the one I’d end up marrying.
Lee was my first kiss, my first love, my first everything.
But the summer before my senior year in high school, Lee never showed up. In fact, I didn’t hear from him again.
Almost twenty years later, I found myself back at Heathrow Beach looking for answers.
And finding more than I bargained for.

** Annabelle and Lee is a contemporary romance inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee **



Casualty by K. Charelle

Isiah Cason is a man of means. His hustle is on point and his movements are calculated. From the block to the boardroom, Isiah’s street smarts have earned him respect and success while he smoothly navigates both worlds. It should only make sense that matters of the heart follow the same blue print but he finds himself submerged into a complicated connection of deception and disloyalty.

Lake Patterson learned early in life that family can be your biggest downfall. With family secrets like those she keeps locked away, how is it possible to stay grounded and find any resemblance of happiness? Trying to navigate and survive in the world alone, Lake’s only goal is to keep her head above water. There’s little to no room for anything else.

When Lake and Isiah’s worlds collide they both feel a pull that can’t be over looked nor denied which forces them to open up in ways neither of them deemed possible, but life has a way of denying happiness to those who are casualties of the worlds that surround them. Sometimes you can’t break the ties that bind you no matter how much your heart longs to be free.



The Fold (Book Two): Thou Shall Not Hide by Sabrina B. Scales

Even the saved struggle when navigating their way through love. This much could definitely be said for the Fold Family’s youngest child and only son, Chadwick.
Looking for love was never on Chad’s list of things to do, until he held Taya in his arms on a dance floor and watched God laugh at his plans. She was beautiful in a way that caught his eyes and his heart. Foreign feelings that wouldn’t fade had him questioning his sanity.
They’re both too young to fathom that any of this could be real. So, they come and go then come back again until there’s nowhere left to hide.
Take this journey of discovering, uncovering, and everything in between in this story of love defined in the second installment of The Fold!



Loveshed: Married to the Mafia by B. Love

Once you enter the Salzano family, there is no way out. You are married to the black mafia, and not even jail or death will separate us – James Salzano

Six siblings sharing different mothers and fathers have one thing in common – their love for Trevor Bruce. When the bullet meant for James Salzano hits Trevor Bruce, these siblings come together, in one home, to console each other and prepare their next moves. In a short amount of time, things change drastically for every person and couple involved. Both enemies and law officials strike simultaneously, hoping to catch the siblings and their partners off guard and finally take down the Salzano family.

In “Loveshed: Married to the Mafia” there’s crime, passion, angst, lust, betrayal, and sex. The lines between love and loyalty are blurred. There’s bloodshed and there’s loveshed. And these siblings find out the hard way that when the mafia welcomes you in… there’s absolutely no way to get out.



Leave Room for Me by Deshon Dreamz

The system that Poetry Daniels created to handle her interactions with the opposite sex has always worked perfectly for her. She didn’t get involved. That was the seamless method to her madness and it worked well. She trained her mind, body, soul and heart to take men as they came; void of emotion and willing to physically exhaust themselves to please. That worked for her because things never grew complicated. Poetry didn’t do complications.

That was until the bet from Zoe.

That was until Justin Williamson.

Justin has always been a man of action, so from the moment he laid eyes on Poetry Daniels, he knew he had to have her. Justin finds himself torn between the needs of his body and the desires of his heart. In the past, love hadn’t been on Justin’s side and the idea of new love wasn’t a journey he was eager to take.

Both Justin and Poetry battle with their unspoken jaded views on love and commitment. Neither of them desired love, but the physical attraction that raged between them was undeniable and would not fade until it was catered to.

The bet.
Unwanted obstacle.
Unforeseen Obstacle.

Love can be complicated, especially when it blindsides you.



The Professional (The Negus Effect Series Book 5) by D. Camille

Miles Johnson is The Professional. Being related to one of the original Negus, Miles steps out of the shadows of his past to lend his skills in assisting with the Neo Negus. With the ability to transition from professional, designer suits to jeans and Jay’s…Miles is a mystery to most, and that’s the way he prefers it.

However, when a fiery country girl returns to the ‘D’, Miles is drawn to her like a moth to a flame, and has no defense for the mission she soon undertakes to win his guarded heart.



Neighborhood Love: A Novelette by Bree Wright

Growing up in the same neighborhood, Sherry & Linda made a pack to always remain best friends. They even vowed to raise their children together as family and that’s exactly what they did, however, they didn’t expect the children to bicker like real siblings — especially Cole and Chelsea.

Cole and Chelsea, born on the same day, were like oil and water. While they were not blood siblings, these two held a special bond that they would soon discover. Sick of getting in trouble, Cole decided to call a truce with Chelsea. No More Bickering. But when the dynamics of the neighborhood shift, will Cole and Chelsea stay solid and stick with the truce, or will they discover that their bond by a sacred sisterhood was not so sacred?

Please note: Neighborhood Love is a short, fast paced 10,000-word novelette that will introduce you to the pen of Bree Wright.



Silent Nights (The Shorts Book 7) by Nia Forrester

It’s a career-making opportunity.

Summer has an invitation to ‘Black America’s Wedding of the Decade’ and wouldn’t miss it for the world. Deuce Scaife is finally marrying his college sweetheart Zora Diallo (an outcome that was never in doubt, by the way, except maybe to the two people getting married) and since there’ll be celebrities all over the event, it’s in an expensive, remote location and all very hush-hush.

As an up and coming blogger and YouTuber for a series called ‘The Black Girls’ Guide to Slaying at Absolutely Everything’ Summer’s stock will increase considerably if she documents her experience at the wedding celebrations.

But when an unforeseen obstacle presents itself, Summer realizes she can only go to the most exclusive of the wedding events if she shares accommodations with the insufferable Lloyd Winston. Lloyd is a conservative, stuffy wannabe politico whom Summer is shocked even got an invite.

But whatever … she can tolerate him for one winter weekend, right?



I’m Addicted to His Love: Standalone by Taniece

Sanaa’s life drastically changed after she found her mother, Yonnie’s lifeless body. With her mother gone, it’s her responsibility to step in and run Glitz. Taking over brought along even more responsibilities and problems she didn’t need into her life. She was fine not being in a relationship to save herself the heartache. When Soul made his grand appearance into her world, every thought she’s ever had changed.

Soul is battling between his heart and what his father wants. He’s in a relationship that he doesn’t see going anywhere. When he meets Sanaa he immediately is struck by her stunning beauty. Even though she wanted to take things to the next level, he tried his best to push her away. He’s knowingly keeping a chilling secret from her which could end everything.

Naomi and Sanaa have been best friends for what seems like forever. After Yonnie’s death, she made it her mission to uplift her best friend in any way possible. She doesn’t believe in love let alone at first sight and felt as if she doesn’t need a man to make her complete. That is until she met Berlin.

Berlin is Soul’s younger brother and also the hothead out the two. He doesn’t hesitate to whip out his strap and bust it whenever necessary. Being in a relationship isn’t his motive. He’d rather have a different girl in his bed every night of the week than to deal with the issues that came with being in love. When he met Naomi, their relationship started out fun until he realized he craved more from her.



Promise to Love You (Promise Series Book 1) by Brii Taylor

One half of two broken hearts come together and become complete…

Giselle Thomas-Cartwright, newly divorced from a miserable ten year marriage, has never felt so lost yet optimistic. While she’s physically and financially free, she’s still struggling to pick up the pieces to what’s left of her life. She could never seem to conceive and the man she was supposed to spend ‘forever’ with, she wants nothing more to do with. Though she has a thriving career, Giselle feels that’s ‘it’ for her. When Emory James walked into her life, she didn’t think anything of it. Getting off to a rocky start, they then grow close in a matter of months. Will Giselle reopen her heart, mind, body and spirit for love again?

Once a rising basketball star, Emory James’ time in the league died the day he put his grandmother to rest. He now spends his time investing his riches into small businesses and giving back to his community. Though he still has offers on the table, Emory removed his seat all together. Besides grieving his ‘first lady’, he is dealing with the pain of the past his parents put him through. Holding that rage and hatred has turned him against any kind of love. When Giselle comes walking into his life, she unintentionally melts the ice around his heart. Will Emory let her love him?

This book contains mild cursing and has some sexual activity occurring. If you’re not into reading romance with these things involved, this is not the book for you. If you choose to continue to read, thank you and please enjoy!



Her Essential Love: Women of Park Manor by Anita Davis*

Letting go is simple, right? Wrong! Especially for earthy shop owner, Teegan Royal. Her Santa Monica neighborhood is not what it used to be. Her dwelling isn’t either. The sprawling complex, Park Manor, ushered in unwelcome change for her and introduced her to Kevin Chambers, a fine but progressive-minded know it all she’d much rather not encounter.

Litigation lawyer, Kevin Chambers, can get corporations and people to settle all of the time, but his persuasive tactics haven’t been working on a bohemian styled, but sexy Teegan when it comes to helping her embrace change.

Teegan needs Kevin to see beyond the bottom line, and Kevin wants Teegan to go with the flow, but in the mix of things, will they find out just how essential they are to each other?



Her Undeniable Distraction: Women of Park Manor by Sherelle Green*

Burgundy Anderson has always loved helping people. So naturally, there’s nothing this Leasing Manager wouldn’t do for the Santa Monica residents of Park Manor. Problem is, this workaholic needs a life outside of the lavish establishment and if she’s going to leave her mark in the world, she’ll need to figure out her next step with no distractions. Insert Kane Brooks, otherwise known as, the delicious distraction determined to make his presence known.

Landscape Artist Kane Brooks is a glass half full type of man. Things happen for a reason and when he runs across the sassy woman with a cause, he knows the stars have aligned, leading his thoughts straight to the bedroom. Their kisses are as sexy as she is, but he can’t seem to get her to sit still long enough for a repeat performance. When fate gives him a second chance, he snatches at the opportunity. She may think she can run, but he’s always considered himself a track star.



Her Little Secret: Women of Park Manor by Elle Wright

Sex therapist, Paityn Young, couldn’t get much sex in her city. So she developed her own line of naughty toys to get the job done. Now, she’s bringing her talent to LA, hoping to launch her new company. Only her new business consultant has her thinking about more than just her product line.

As a favor to his boss, Bishop Lang agrees to help Paityn develop her new business. The only thing he knows about her is that she’s off limits, but the moment he sees her, he realizes staying away might be harder than he thought. And his own personal journey may take a backseat to the blossoming relationship developing between them.



Her Passionate Promise: Women of Park Manor by Sheryl Lister

After kissing one frog too many, Kathi Norris is content to remain unattached. But her well-ordered plans are turned upside down the moment she meets Eric Dawson. The skillful attorney by day and soulful musician by night, fires her up in more ways than one. The closer she gets to him, the more she realizes he’s her prince charming …if he can let go of his past.

Eric risked his heart, only to see his world shattered by tragedy and betrayal. He’s spent years running from relationships, but with Kathi’s tender embrace and sultry kisses, Eric finds her hard to resist. He’ll have to come to terms with his deepest hurts to win her trust and claim a love that promises forever.


Her Forbidden Fantasy: Women of Park Manor by Angela Seals

Skylar Johnson has lived her life defying the odds. Following in her father’s footsteps, she finally lands a job as an FBI agent and moves from her small Alabama hometown to Santa Monica for training. Even better, she snags the last loft in swanky, Park Manor. She’s excited for her first day on the job … until she runs into her trainer, Special Agent Hawks. She’s determined to show Mr. Drop Dead Gorgeous her skills, but quickly learns he can’t stand her. When he starts barking orders, she isn’t sure if she should give the hunk a piece of her mind or give him a piece of her.

Special FBI Agent Kareem Hawks loves his job. He’s known to his peers as the heartless trainer, so when he’s assigned to be Skylar’s commanding officer, he’s determined to find a way to get her off his team. The beauty with a backside shaped like a Golden Globe should be illegal. In his eyes, she’s not cut out for this line of work. She’s everything he’s sworn to stay away from and he learned long ago that work and relationships don’t mix. But knowing and doing are two different things.



Now or Never: One Last Chance Prequel (One Last Chance Series Book 1) by Skye Moon and Cassandra B. 

Quinn Clark has always been the apple of Ezra’s eye. She just doesn’t know it. When she and her husband hit a rocky patch in their marriage, Ezra decides it’s now or never to claim the woman he loves or remain in the shadows forever.

When her entire life shatters into pieces, Quinn doesn’t know which way to turn. With tension mounting between her and her unfaithful husband, her class reunion trip allows her a chance to clear her head and reconnect with her high school best friend. Quinn quickly realizes that the shy, studious boy that she once knew is long gone, and the man in his place is ready to fight for her heart.

Keristen Norris is in the one place she swore she would never be again, Eastwood High. After surviving her traumatic high school years, she’s dragged back by Quinn. Although Keristen is far past her ugly duckling years, her heart is still sore when it comes to reliving the life she used to know. More than anything she is terrified to see her high school crush, Carter.

Carter McAllister walks into the reunion as the man of the hour, but how he leaves is anything but. Once he lays eyes on Keristen, he knows he has to address the tension between them. With Keristen resisting him and the confession of their demise becoming more nagging, he has no other choice but to make her listen.

What is an overdue moment of truth opens the door for emotions to rush out and affect everyone involved. Can they finally get everything that they want, or will this encounter be Now or Never for the group?

Find out in the prequel to the One Last Chance Series.



Break Down Your Wall (One Last Chance Series Book 2) by Cassandra B.

Keristen thought that she could escape from everything that happened at the reunion, only for fate to have its way with her heart. While trying to regain control of her wayward emotions and focus on work, the very thing she’s running from is becoming too close for comfort.

After Carter’s foundation was shaken by Keristen’s presence at the reunion, he has accepted a head coaching job at a local college. While trying to accept his reality he wants nothing more than to get to work, not just with his new team but with Keristen too. Since the reunion, he’s tried to fight every thought of her. No matter how hard he tries to deny it, he knows one thing for sure, Keristen is his. The only issue is the wall she’s built around her heart to keep everyone away.

Is Carter equipped to break down the wall blocking him from her heart, or will he get his own lesson in love?



Break My Fall (One Last Chance Series Book 3) by Skye Moon

The high school reunion that was supposed to be her getaway from her drama at home, turned out to be one of the most traumatic experiences of Quinn’s life.⁣

After taking a major loss, she hides away from the world, Ezra included. After months of attempting to pull herself together, she thinks she’s ready to jump back into the world headfirst just to find out she’s no better off than she was before.⁣

Patrick is determined to get his wife back by any means necessary. His confidence that he can continue his unfaithful ways and still have Quinn in his pocket is shattered when one of his many women drops a bomb on him that details everything and could potentially end his marriage for good.⁣

Having no other choice but to move on from Quinn, Ezra has a new lady in his life. However, despite his determination to leave his former best friend be, the universe seems to have other plans. Can he stay on track with Ava and the life they’ve been building, or will his heart land right back where it’s always been?



All I Need Is You by Sherianna Grant

Everything happens for a reason, right? That’s what Mackenzie kept telling herself. Yes, she grew up in a house with both parents. Yes, they bought her whatever her heart desired but that wasn’t enough. They introduced her to dysfunction and she carried this dysfunction to each and every relationship she encountered. When she is finally able to get away and start her life on her own, she meets Arden. But will her need for dysfunction ruin this relationship too?

Arden never had a problem when it came to getting women. Everywhere he went women were breaking their necks just to get his attention, but he wasn’t the type to just date anyone. He had standards. That was until he met Mackenzie Mosley. For the first time in his life Arden felt rejected but for some reason he just couldn’t let go. Everything about her was telling him that she was the one for him, but he often wondered if she felt the same.



Love Don’t Live Here Anymore: Isabella Andrew Book 2 by KeKe Renee

Isabella Andrew has lived a life specifically based on having structure. Her job gives her pleasure without disappointment—unlike men and romantic relationships, some wanted you for you, but others just wanted you for what you can do for them. Knowing Jax Stevens as a close friend to her brother in law and the fact that he works in the same building as she does. Isabella wasn’t expecting her sister to play matchmaker.

Jax Stevens has been harboring feelings that he’s made known to Isabella for quite some time. The back and forth flirting was a normal routine he enjoyed. His spontaneous, live for the moment attitude was slowly breaking down her walls, or so he thought. He agreed to go on a trip with friends hoping to navigate a new path in his relationship with an old friend he’s had a crush on.
As Isabella and Jax embark on a little R&R trip, they never expected her birthday(and night!) to turn into more than they bargained for. Will these two co-workers find more than lust on a couples trip?



The Love I Deserve by Kay Shanee

“Sometimes, life forces you to take a detour. When you finally reach your destination, you’ll understand your journey.”

Love is a fickle thing that can take your life on the least expected detours. Creed Mason was learning that the hard way. Married to a woman who refuses to forget his past, he was burning himself out trying to prove that he was a changed man. Until he meets a woman who offers him the help he needs with healing, in more ways than one.

Kamaria Jones is living what she feels is her best life. Happily divorced, working a job she loves, and the existence of a much appreciated friend-with-benefits to take care of her sexual needs. Love is the furthest thing from her mind. But when she meets a man that is determined to infiltrate her heart, she’s forced to decide if she’s ready to give love another try.

Will Kamaria and Creed be able to handle the shifts in their atmospheres and give each other the love that they deserve?



Love Trifecta 2: The Finale by Storm

Part one of Love Trifecta ended with Langston receiving a threatening phone call that had her questioning the love of her life Darren “Yatti” Collins. After witnessing him murder a man in cold blood, there’s the lingering question… What has she gotten herself into?

Old secrets from Darren’s past, along with his uncle gunning for him, has him trying to remove the demons and move forward with the woman he fell in love with whose on edge because of their union. In this conclusive finale, will their relationship survive? Or will Langston decide that being with him will cause more harm than good and leave him to deal with his demons alone?

Lauren isn’t ready for children, but with Kofi trying to trap her, it causes her to run further away from him. With her sister Leslie being in a coma, she has more pressing issues to deal with before she could even think about a baby. There’s no doubt that the love is there, but the thought of being with child at the height of her career, pushes her further away from him. But is love enough for Kofi?

Leslie had been through the fire with her ex-boyfriend William Sacks. After suffering his mental and physical abuse, she finds refuge with her best friend, Christian, who is more than willing to love her the way that she deserves to be loved. But with William lurking in the shadows, causing more havoc than either of them intended, it becomes hard for them to find their flow and it ends in a heartbreaking tragedy that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The Graham sisters are in for the fight of their lives. Join them in this finale of Love Trifecta 2: Tangled Web Of Deceit.



The Year That Changed Her: Truth in Fiction by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Two months before her fiftieth birthday, Ameena Mitchell sat in her car, tears racing down her face. It was December and the past eight months had drained her. The culmination was burying the man she loved, two weeks earlier. Menton was the love of her life, the man she married weeks after she graduated from college. He was twenty-eight to her twenty-one at the time and seemed to love her thoroughly. They accomplished great things in almost twenty-nine years. She realized her dream of a Ph.D. in spiritual counseling and he after being a high school principal got his dream job as a local college president. It was a job he loved and was where he was found slumped over his desk, at fifty-seven, dead of a massive heart attack. She recalled their last conversation.

“Baby, you’ve got to take better care of you. You spent all this year running interference, trying to heal my family and your patients and you broke yourself.” Menton said, staring down into her face, his eyes filled with love. His words resonated because it was true. She felt broken and wasn’t sure how to put herself back together. “Promise me that no matter what happens you’ll focus on you.”

She smiled at him and promised to start at fifty. They had gotten a chuckle out of that before he kissed her and headed to work. The next time she saw him, he was lying on a table, cold to her touch.

Drying her face, Ameena got out of her car and made her way inside wondering if it would be better or different if she had become a mother. She and Menton tried but gave up after fourteen years when Ameena turned thirty-five. By then they were both successful and living out their dreams. Now it all felt like dreams deferred.



Chocolate Kisses: A Bakery of Love Prequel by Remy Powers

Nita is a successful restaurateur, but her dream is to open a bakery. Her dreams are inches away from coming true when she finds a perfect location. Not to mention she has the perfect man to boot. But when a wrench is thrown into her plans, she could end up losing her bakery and her man. Can Nita right the ship before she loses everything?


Forever with a Beast: The Finale (Phoenix Pack Series) by Jade Royal

After a long and hard fought war, the Phoenix Pack has settled into an era of peace. While everything has returned to normal, each couple will face their own personal dilemmas but love proves to conquer it all. At the back of it all, these mates are ready to spend forever with their beasts while a new Legacy has only just begun.



Husband Material (A Summer for Scandal) by Brenda Jackson

A renowned Hollywood director will fight for the love of his life in this classic, must-read novel from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson!

Husband Material

Matthew Birmingham is used to getting what he wants…and what he wants his ex-wife. When she returns to their Hamptons estate for the summer, he vows to win her back. But Carmen Akins is hiding a tragic secret from their past that will put their reconciliation to the ultimate test.



Learning to Love by Cherish Amore

Sometimes, people fall in love at first sight. For others, it happens over time, but what happens when love just isn’t for you? For boxing champion Zander Williams, that is just the case—well, until he meets Raelynn Cooper. Raelynn, once madly in love, already knows what she wants in life, but could that all change when she falls hard for someone who doesn’t know how to love? The pair are inseparable, but a few curveballs are thrown their way—from a girlfriend, to an ex-fiancé, to Zander loving Raelynn but not knowing how to love. Will Raelynn throw in the towel and move on with life without Zander, or will she stick by him as he learns how to love?



Invading Jessi by Tria David

Micah Kincaid has known a life of poverty and of excess. He lives hard and plays hard, making business deals in the boardroom and… in the bedroom; becoming jaded in the process. Knowing around every corner there was always a deal to be made or had.
So, he was surprised when a chance encounter results in his heart being stolen by a most unlikely businesswoman. A mixture of sensual innocence and business savvy, Jessilyn Taylor lived for her nights at the cove. The only time she feels free to be herself. Meeting and making love with a man she believes she will never see again gives Jessi a kind of freedom she never expected.
When they meet again under unlikely circumstances, passions long denied rear its head. Micah can have any woman he wants. He wants Jessi. There’s plenty of laughter, romance, and steamy sex. Through it all, Jessi fights to hold on to her company and Micah fights to win her heart.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

*Girl, Have You Met… St. Louis Featured Author. Register here: www.girlhaveyoumet.com


New Release Round-Up January 13th-19th

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