When twenty-three-year old Zola Chaffers, creator and owner of Urban Biz magazine, is suddenly dumped by her boyfriend, she is devastated. After spending months drowning her sorrows in wine and nineties R&B music, she finally decides it’s time to move on. As fate would have it, she bumps into the man that is going to make her forget her ex was even a factor.

Twenty-six-year old Gabe Amoure, owner of the breakfast food truck called “The G-Spot”, is not looking for love, but he’s not running from it either. His life experiences have taught him that if you want something, you have to pursue it with reckless abandon. When he spots Zola at a nineties themed party, her beauty is breathtaking and her vibe is magnetic. From the moment he bumped into her, he knew he had to have her.

When these two meet, their souls connect and neither of them shy away from their feelings. However, past experiences threaten to tear their love apart, unless they learn to face their demons head on.

Will their pasts force them apart or will love’s sweet serenade bind them together?


New Release Spotlight – Love’s Sweet Serenade, by Kay Shanee

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