Eternal heartbreak.

Grief brings these things. These things are definitely too much at times, triggering darkness to enter and light to simmer out. Without realizing it, grief can lead to bitterness, causing one to live blindly, simply just existing.

This is the position that the gorgeous and single Majesty Carpenter finds herself in… endless grief. She moves through life with her family, friends, and her job, but is she really living or just existing? However, during one of her frequent visits to her mother’s grave, Majesty stumbles on something that can turn her incessant pain into unrelenting pleasure.

Zachariah Peaks is a very handsome, caring man that works as a motivational speaker and trainer for foster care youths and foster care parents. Zachariah finds himself in a similar position as Majesty, having lost his father at an early age. He definitely feels the loss of his father but is grateful for his uncle stepping up to the plate. However, one visit leaves him shaken, confused, and dumbfounded in the most bewildering and pleasurable way, changing his life forever. Will Zachariah be ready for this change? Or will he run from it?

A chance meeting at the cemetery. Grieving hearts connecting. Existing souls bonding. Interchangeable lives linking. Although grief can be overbearing, it can also connect people, forming unimaginable bonds and relationships. Zachariah and Majesty learn that there is life after death and that love can happen at the most inopportune time and found in unexpected places. Can they conquer these challenging times in their lives and let the light of love overtake their once darkened composition?


New Release Spotlight – Loving Majesty, by Riley Baxter

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