Ellie Rae McNeal, a hair stylist and entrepreneur from Philadelphia, has been the head stylist on a Hollywood romantic comedy for the last four months. With just two months left, Ellie has found herself growing more attached to one of the cast members – a little girl named, Zoe Mattison. Her bright, four-year-old smile connects with Ellie’s heart day-after-day – especially when she jumps in Ellie’s chair, sassily demanding a ponytail here or streak of color there.

And then, there’s Jeremiah Lewis, a charming businessman, with respect, finesse, and class. After Ellie accidentally dents his truck with her car door, their Philadelphia and Hollywood connection comes to the surface and Jeremiah lets Ellie off with a wink and a promise for lunch.

Over the next several months, Ellie quickly realizes that Jeremiah and Zoe aren’t just strangers she stumbled upon – they were orchestrated into her life by God. The more time she spends with Jeremiah, and later, when she reconnects with Zoe, she learns to accept the idea that love doesn’t always come riding in on waves of ‘I love you’ and a bed of roses. Sometimes, most times, love comes crashing in, touching the pain in your life in ways that will make you desire more of it and run from it at the same time.

What will Ellie do when Zoe and Jeremiah start to peel back layers of her childhood trauma just by providing the very thing she never had – unconditional love? Will Ellie lean into the way God answered her prayers for love or will she turn her blessings over to the voice of fear?


New Release Spotlight – Storms of Love, by Mya Kay

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