Her name changes from London to Midnight when she receives a gift she never expected.
Her life changes when he refuses to take no for an answer.

London De La Motte is set on a path of psychic vision and vigilante justice when she has an encounter with a statue in a historic Catholic Church. It was her destiny, conjured by Mama Bah, a voodoo high priestess some twenty-five years before.

London is also set on another path of discovery she doesn’t anticipate when Lance Billups enters her life. Although he is immediately attracted to her, London refuses to acknowledge his presence or the thump of her heart against her ribcage or the racing of her pulse from his nearness. She’s too busy trying to understand the supernatural gift she’s been given to even consider the unwelcomed magnetism she feels when Lance is around.

Yet, Lance refuses to go silently into that good night. He is drawn to London like a moth to a flame. A single touch from her gives Lance a glimpse into her newfound reality, a peek into her supernatural world. Lance has questions London refuses to answer. He has feelings London refuses to feel. Despite her resistance, Lance will have her no matter what. It’s their destiny.


New Release Spotlight – Loving Midnight, by Deidra D. S. Green

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