Rittany Lewis went from being with her students every day to praying over a hospital bed for her father to make it another day. During a time when she should be able to count on those around her, she’s instead left emotionally drained and searching for answers regarding her dying relationship. They say when life throws you lemons you should make lemonade. For Rittany her spirit is too tired to do anything but plan for the worse. That is until the person who’s always been in her corner extends his hand. 

Nehemiah Hill is no stranger to hard work, dedication, and having his best friend Rittany’s back. As the owner of a well-known moving company in Memphis, he’s had practice in precious cargo. A new order has to be filled and while he’s up for the challenge he knows moving Rittany’s heart in his direction will be the hardest job he’s had to date. While the challenge is present, he has to decide how hard he’s willing to go in order to convince her that he’s always been the one. 

Will Rittany take a chance on love so soon with someone new? Can Nehemiah show Rittany that he’s the one she can trust her heart with? Or will doubt and past relationships keep them apart?


New Release Spotlight – Make Me Your Selection, by L. Dodson

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