Young love can be beautiful while a love that lasts a lifetime can be strong. Unfortunately, for Luna Newberry and Titus Strong time presents a challenge to both theories. 

Titus Strong was a senior in high school when he became awestruck with Luna Newberry. However, as breathtaking as she might’ve been, when he found out she was only a sophomore, he thought it would best if he kept his distance…and he did for as long as he could.

High school sophomore, Luna Newberry was pleasantly surprised when she realized the star of the football team was vying for her attention. Convinced he would come with a string of troubles, she ignored his advances…until it became impossible. 

The love between Titus and Luna grew quickly but life threw them several interferences. Yet, when the years find a way to be kind, and hearts won’t settle, soulmates can find their way home. Are Luna and Titus destined to be together? Or is closure what they’re truly searching for?


New Release Spotlight – Meant to Love You, by Kay Shanee

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