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Before We Say I Do (In The Heart of A Valentine Book 9) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

A dilemma stands in the path of their happily ever after when an unlikely visitor raises suspicions that can’t be ignored. 
Can Kyle Valentine and London Jones overcome the obstacle that stands to interrupt the bliss they share, or will their first test of adversity shatter their future before it can begin?


Our Reckless Hope (Muted Hopelessness Book 3) by Love Belvin

“I believe it was the night before Thanksgiving of the year I’d fallen for a tomboy fighter from a trailer park in South Jersey. I was in your kitchen when you told me cheating is wrong, and will never be right. But the biggest conflict is when you fall in love with someone who isn’t yours. 
“You said people fall in and out of love every day, and that most of it is bullshit…being more about passion and temporary emotions. But when the person you’re cheating with is worth a commitment and sacrifice, and when you’re prepared in your heart and mind to walk through the fire of the mess, it might be something real after all. That was and still is KaToria McNabb.”

Fate via her unconceivable success reconnected the unlikely pair. What has happened? Why didn’t he call? Why didn’t she reach out?

Ashton and Tori unravel the paths their lives took after Blakewood State University. It’s been a painful twelve-year journey of losses, betrayal, miscommunications, and death. Even in between the devastation were new lives, burgeoning careers, and millions being earned by them both. Nonetheless, can the wins override the pain in between?

Publisher’s Note: “Our Reckless Hope” is book THREE of a THREE-book series. This book contains angst, profanity, and sexually explicit content. If either of these elements is not what you prefer between the pages of a novel, this is not the venture for you.


Bars and Ballads (The Crew Book 1) by Sabrina B. Scales

A band brought together by platinum rapper, Plus, has taken the world by storm. But with recent tensions within the group, the label has decided to split the five into three groups. The first of this three part split is rap and r&b duo, Sabre and Bre, who have been fighting off rumors of an entanglement since the day they hit the stage. Find out if all the gossip is a waste of words, or if these two have more in common than bars and ballads!


Grounded for Christmas: A Sexy Holiday Short by Té Russ

The weather outside is frightful…

But for Porscha and Donovan, being stranded at the airport during Christmastime is about to be so delightful…


Peace & Quiet by Grey Huffington

In such a chaotic world, there was one thing that Kincaid desired – Peace & Quiet – and there was one person who could provide it. Sulphur Kincaid.


Eight Naughty Nights: New Year Bae-Solutions by Nicole Falls

Overworked and undersexed were the two words that my best friend used to describe me when asked. After packing away my hurt feelings over her assessment, I realized that she was absolutely right. I was way overdue for some relaxation, so when friends surprised me with a trip to an exclusive resort during the winter holidays, I leapt at the opportunity to get away. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would have a chance encounter with a handsome stranger who offered the remedy to all that ailed me. Eight nights together were all that we had to share and I planned to take advantage of every single one of them.

Make sure you check out the rest of the books in the series:

Seven Month Drought by Sherelle Green
Six More Minutes by A.C. Arthur
Five Midnight Moments by Sheryl Lister
Four Page Letter by Angela Seals
Three Wrong Dates by Kelsey Green
Two Hot Kisses by Yahrah St. John
One More Drink by Elle Wright


Seven Month Drought: New Year Bae-Solutions by Sherelle Green

I lost the bet. 

I thought my divorce would be the toughest thing I’d experience in years, but going without sex for seven months is hard. Literally. And now, my best friend is helping me find the perfect woman to end my drought. Problem is, none of the women are doing it for me. None of the women are her. 

Please note: New Year Bae-Solutions is a series of short stories to countdown to the New Year.


Six More Minutes: New Year Bae-Solutions by A.C. Arthur

This thing had been going on for a year now. The thing where they’d meet up at this quaint little bed and breakfast to spend a steamy weekend together. It had started last Christmas when they’d both been in Temptation. They’d agreed to the no strings attached occasional trysts, but this holiday season—after all she’d gone through in the past months—Gemma Taylor might need something else; and if Myles Donovan doesn’t agree, she’ll take just six more minutes in his arms.

This novella is part of the New Year Bae-Solutions Series. It is 1 of 8 short stories that are connected by the New Year’s Eve theme. 

Each story can be read as a standalone, so please do not feel you are committed to purchasing and reading each story in the series. However, I can safely say that you might be missing out on 8 fantastic stories if you don’t.


K.S.L.: a novella (JustOneNight.com Book 5) by Chencia C. Higgins

After what was supposed to be an amicable split with her boyfriend, Malina is thrown a curveball when Blaine informs her that her brain wasn’t up to Harvard-level standards. Now she’s determined to get her degree and, lucky for her, school is always in session. It doesn’t take long for her to find a professor on the popular website, JustOneNight.com, but when the late-night study sessions become intense, Malina wonders whether or not it’s too late to become a career-student.


Milk and Cookies (Wild Thoughts Baecation Series Book 5) by M.T. Dixon

She’s a little naughty.
He’s not so nice.
They both run in the same circle, but they don’t find out until one night.
The two people who deserve to be gifted coal on Christmas Day end up wrapped up in each other.
Anika and Chance may be destined for one another.


Holiday Wish by Leila E. Hart

Holiday Wish 
London Martin is a freelance journalist with a career that’s moving in the fast lane and a love life that’s been totaled out. 
Her family’s Christmas wish is that she’ll find someone to spend her life with; tired of her family meddling in her personal affairs, London tells them she’s in a relationship. The only problem is this mystery man doesn’t exist, so what is London to do when her family insists she brings him home for the holidays? With time running out and Christmas quickly approaching, London’s on the countdown to find the perfect man. 
Will her family’s wish for her come true? Can she get her love life back on track, or will London prove that she’s unlucky at love? 


Always by Jacinta Howard

(Author’s Website Exclusive)

A short+sweet catch up with Leah + Trevor from Blind Expectations.


High Stakes Holiday by Christina C. Jones

(Author’s Website Exclusive)

Let’s check in with our Vegas couples, and see what’s on their minds for the holidays.

High Stakes Holiday is a collection of short stories, totaling about 30 pages.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you’ve read Ante Up, Deuces Wild, and King of Hearts before reading this – it contains spoilers for those projects, as well as Behind the Scenes and The Unbroken Rose.


Midnight Stroke: A Sexy Holiday Short (Birthday Sex/Midnight Stroke Book 2) by Té Russ

Trenton and Harper are back!

And they’re ringing in the New Year in their own special – and sexy – way.

This is a super short story. If these aren’t your cup of tea, please check out some of my other longer projects. With love, Té


On Sight by AshleyNicole

Childish… There’s no better word to describe the way Zenaida and Rook act towards each other. Sworn enemies since they were babies, their feud is the epitome of “on sight.” But this Christmas, after he suffers a loss, can they put their shared animosity aside to offer and accept a moment of comfort. Will an instance of unexpected passion change the way they’ve always felt about each other?


There’s Always Hope: Heartbroken Series Book 1 by Johnni Sherri

Note from the author: There’s Always Hope, is the first book in the Heartbroken inter-related series. It is based on character’s from the previously released series, Heartbreak U. You must read that series first. Each book in this inter-related series will read like a stand-alone.

Leaving the man you love is no easy feat, even when you know it’s the right thing to do. A man could have your whole world turning upside down or the earth crumbling beneath your soles yet, somehow, your heart would still yearn for him. Surely, the pain of a slow-splitting heart would ensue but what if Hope Washington could do it? What if this small town girl, who got pregnant by deceit, could finally get fed up and brave enough to leave? Could two souls flourish without their ordained counterparts? Could they find their way back? Would there always be Hope?


The Christmas Guest by Mel Dau

Khialee Rosa has lived her life on her own terms, isolated from family that loves her very much. An unfortunate turn of events pushes her to the last place she ever thought she would be…back home. Finding her new wings in a very familiar but unfamiliar place, she wonders if she will ever get the wind to lift her to new heights. A run in at a carwash can offer more than just detailing services, but is she ready? With the holidays right around the corner, Khialee is in store for many surprises in life and love. An unexpected Christmas guest can put a hitch in all her growth, or it could be just what she needs to find the true peace she seeks.


Sex Toy Soldier by Katrina Jackson

Kennisha has had a terrible year and is spending the Christmas season alone. When her best friend gives her some edibles and a set of ornaments, she learns about the importance of self-care and rest in unexpected ways.

Includes a bonus epilogue!


Come to the Ghetto: A Ganton Hills Christmas Short by Aubree Pynn

Cree’s one mission for this Christmas is to continue his grandmother’s legacy. India just wants peace and to get through the holiday without incident. Neither of them expected to have their heart snatched in the blink of an eye. Does Santa really grant wishes in the ghetto?
Find out in Come to the Ghetto.


Come Inside for Christmas: a risqué novelette (Forever Yours Book 2) by ShaniceXLola

Forever. I knew I’d be yours forever. 

*Please note, though these characters debuted in Come Inside: a risqué novella, this novelette can be read as a standalone.


To Marry a Madden by Sherelle Green

You’re invited to the wedding of Carter Madden & Serenity Taylor. Before they exchange vows, Carter has to make peace with the family he left behind, starting with a message to the women who changed his brothers lives for the better. Welcome to Carter’s confessional…

Dear Sis,

We didn’t meet before you became a Madden. Even though I am truly honored to have you as a sister-in-law, that is something I will always regret.

I’m marrying the love of my life this weekend and thereby securing the last Madden woman to join our fold. But before I can exchange my forever vows with Serenity Taylor, I just needed to tell you…


Additional Madden Books:
Red Velvet Kisses
Beautiful Surrender
#Blessed By Malakai
#Claimed By Crayson
Caden’s #Situationship
Carter’s #Undoing
Black Friday (Short Story)


The List: A Christmas Novella by Sevyn

“Men are trash and they loved to beg for your time just to waste it.”

After finding out her recent ex is engaged Noelle Price vows to never let a man waste her time again. But on a drunken Christmas Eve night her best friend convinces her to write a Christmas list of her perfect man. In walks Nico Drake , tall, dark, handsome, and determined to turn her world upside down. He could see her and she could feel him. Together they take a sensual journey down the road to love. Will they be able to overcome their personal trauma to make it to the finish line?


Her Christmas Wish: A Sweet Heat Holiday Novella by Karmen Lee

Rochelle “Rocky” Thomas hadn’t planned on going home this Christmas, but a last minute guilt trip from her older sister, Jasmia, leads to her walking into her childhood home and coming face to face with the woman who has haunted her dreams (and her fantasies) for the past ten years, Georgia Lee. 

Rocky hadn’t meant to crush hard on her sister’s former best friend, but the heart wants what it wants, and it longs to have this Christmas wish fulfilled. Will Rocky find the courage to ask for what she really wants, or will this Christmas go by without the gift she really desires? 

This Christmas novella is full of steam and heart just in time to heat up your holiday season! 


All She Wants by Rhonda McKnight

Homeless at Christmas! 

Widowed with a baby, Lenise Reid was making it work as a single mother until a fraudulent transaction wipes out her balance at the bank leaving her with no money. Living paycheck to paycheck takes on new meaning as her world is turned upside down, and she ends up sleeping in her car. 

Cole Bennett’s first date with Lenise was all he needed to know she was a woman he wanted to pursue, so when she ghosts him, he goes on a mission to find out why. What he finds is a woman so wounded that even in her most desperate state she struggles with his charity. 

Cole has more to give than Lenise knows how to receive. Will past hurt keep her from accepting the most precious gift the Christmas season has to offer? 


Dear Santa II by Nako

The second installment of Dear Santa from Nako.
Happy Holidays


Green: A Ganton Hills Short by Aubree Pynn

When Tanya is thrown into a situation with Delroy Duke Evans, everything she thought she knew is challenged. 
It might be a battle of culinary proportion but will the heart win?
Find out in Green.


This Time… by W Parks Brigham

Tis the season for love, at least that was the theme to most of the holiday songs being played over the airways and have been before Thanksgiving. The Barrett Station small community was doing their best to embrace the season safely, despite what was happening elsewhere. Of course there were some who were merely going through the motion.
Dillion Ashton was a single dad with two precious and adorable children. Nurturing and showering his children with love while providing their every need, was a major priority. Dating or searching for a love was the last thing on his mind, especially after his disastrous marriage. If it wasn’t for his beautiful kids he’d wish he had listened to his parents, who tried to convince him eighteen was too young. 
Sierra Roy, had enough of the physical and verbal abuse from the man she’d planned to marry and cancelled the wedding two weeks before it was to take place. Relocating to a small town and starting a new job was the answer to let go of the past. She refuses to become an angry black woman, okay maybe she was a teeny weenie bit. However, she would embrace love again one day, just not now. 
You won’t believe how these two people are brought together and must read this sweet holiday romance to find out. I promise, the couple will touch your heart and have you in your feelings. 


Last Christmas: My Gift to You by Malay Reneé

“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…”

But this Christmas, things are happening a little different. This holiday season, come along with Marie Christmas and Cole Nicholas as they take on their own twenty-five days of Christmas journey.

Having a brief pause in their friendship, Marie and Cole are brought together by the upcoming wedding of their older siblings. After not speaking for months, they discover that things have changed since the last holiday. They’re both very single and highly available to date. For once, time is on their side, and Cole decides to shoot his shot, causing it to land him right in the arms of the woman he anticipated courting. As these two venture off into the land of “dating with a purpose” Cole takes on the role of restoring Marie’s Christmas faith.

Since Christmas is nothing but a sad reminder of the life she once knew, Marie agrees to let this Christmas be the start of something new. With nothing but family, love, and good vibes, come along for a ride into their holiday time. It’s something kinda like Hallmark, with a little bit of seasoning added inside!


A Hell Fire Valley Christmas by Phoenix Williams

It’s Christmas time in Hell Fire Valley and the monsters are full of the spirit. From babies and weddings to holiday parties and stripper Santas, the families of Hell Fire Valley are ready to bring in the holidays with a bang.

Enjoy these three holiday short stories featuring your favorites:

A Very Adara Christmas

A Very Bushae Christmas

A Very Revy Christmas


All I Need for Christmas by M.L. Sexton

When Krizia is given the lead to take on a new, high-profile client, she is more than overjoyed, despite their rocky, initial meeting. When she takes the trip back home to Dallas to work with Lawrence Howell, Jr., things go from professional to unprofessional real quick. In the midst of this, she reconnects with her high school sweetheart, and their relationship moves faster than anyone expected. 

She soon finds out that this trip back home was planned by the one person she least expected to betray her. Will Krizia get all she needs for Christmas, or will the damage that’s done rip her true desires away from her?


When Love Hits Like Christmas by Michelle Mitchell

After five years of being in an unstable relationship, Audrienne Wilson has decided she wants to unwrap a new love for Christmas. 

Working for Southern Skies airlines, she meets new people all the time, but she never felt a connection with anyone until the day she met Davon Hampton. Their chemistry was undeniable, but she never acted on it because she was still hanging on to the tattered pieces of her relationship with Rodney. After a major blow-up, she calls it quits and prepares to tell Davon she’s ready to take a chance on love with him, but the moment she becomes available—he isn’t. Will Audrienne give up on what she wants or will she stop a nothing to get the thing she wants most on her Christmas list—Davon.


All I Get for Christmas by Ash Ley

Lumee and Judah Frost know how hard long-distance relationships can be. After all, they’ve been doing it for the past five years. While Lumee is used to her husband’s work-related travels keeping him away at random times, she’s determined to not only see him for Christmas but actually enjoy the holiday festivities as well. But with Judah having developed a hatred for what most consider the most wonderful time of the year as a result of his troubled childhood, things don’t go as planned for the couple. In this holiday novella, will Judah be able to put his issues to the side or will him harboring ill feelings ruin what should be a special time for him and his wife?


Pining Over You by JN Welsh

Vermont nights might get a little cold, but Sasha Merry has her work to keep her warm. Running the family farm has always been her dream, and this year it’s her time to shine. Sasha won’t let anything stand in the way of her plans. So when her most valuable employee gets hurt right before Christmas, she will do whatever it takes to prove to her father that she is up to the job, even if it means accepting help from the man who broke her heart. 

Rodney Chestnut is finally back home in Charlotte, Vermont after years of living the adventurous life he has always dreamed of. Rodney lives his life without regrets, but being back in town, he’s face-to-face with his only one—Sasha Merry. There was a time when he owned Sasha’s heart, and then he broke it. After years of putting his ambitions first, seeing Sasha again reminds him that he’s neglected his heart.  

Swept up in a blizzard of their old memories, the old flames start roaring immediately. The passions between them have always blazed hot, but the question is, will they be brave enough to take a chance on love or will their dreams lead them on separate paths all over again?


Christmas on Lockdown by Jersey Jones

Perseverance- persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success

They say love comes when you least expect it, and Impriss certainly wasn’t. In fact, it was the furthest thing from her mind. But after a run-in with Khalif she learns that you can truly never say never.

The only thing Khalif needed to make his life complete was a wife and as soon as he laid eyes on Impriss he knew he’d found her. What he didn’t know was that she wasn’t going to be able fall for him as easy. 

You can’t put a timeframe on falling in love. Once the opportunity presents itself you can either embrace it or let it pass you by.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up December 21st-27th

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