A dynamic duo! Best friends and co-creators of the wildly popular food blog @Gastrafrique, find their world turned upside down when an anonymous venture capitalist offers them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: a food critic show and a restaurant of their own. But there’s a catch… Andra must film the show in Kenya while Kobe oversees the restaurant in Atlanta, leaving their friendship to face the test of distance and unresolved feelings.

As Andra navigates her Maasai heritage and confronts her past, she struggles with feelings of betrayal while simultaneously longing for the only man she’s ever trusted – her best friend, Kobe. Back in Atlanta, Kobe grapples with his newfound independence and the void left by Andra’s absence.

Their separation becomes a crucible, igniting passions and forcing both Andra and Kobe to confront their unspoken desires. With the weight of their dreams and the fate of @Gastrafrique hanging in the balance, the growing tension between them threatens to shatter their world.

“Mess on the Mara” is an angsty friends-to-lovers romance set against the vivid backdrop of Maasai culture. This intense, emotional journey takes readers through the heartbreak of separation, betrayal, and unrequited love, proving that even in the most turbulent times, love can emerge from the chaos.


New Release Spotlight – Mess on the Mara: A Friends-to-Lovers Romance (A Wanderlust Romance), by Cher Terais

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