MORE THAN PLANNED is a contemporary romance novella by Mia Smith. 

Camille bounding in creativity and smarts is a woman who has her eye on setting a crochet world record. Her cozy life with her sister is coming along just fine, until Camille unexpectedly runs into Tarik. As she fiercely guards her hurt feelings Camille’s smile is tender but…her thoughts are intense. She is at a crossroads and will take her time deciding which direction to go.

Tarik’s family needed him halfway across the country. Although nervous at the sight of her, now that he has returned, Tarik does not hold back anything. He is ready to face her after going radio silent almost two years ago. At the time Tarik was not aware that choosing to help his family and himself would end up hurting Camille. Tarik, now being much wiser, is ready to do whatever it takes.

The City of Boston is the backdrop of this contemporary romance between Camille and Tarik. Their lighthearted budding romance later developed into unspoken assumptions that over time made each one distant in heart and mind. Now face to face wrestling with stirring emotions, an undeniable physical attraction and hoping for their own desires to come to fruition. 

Camille and Tarik know that sometimes in life things do not unfold as expected but they learn it can turn out to be more than planned.


New Release Spotlight – More Than Planned, by Mia Smith

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