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Check out these new releases from June 19th-25th.

Slick (The Enigma Series Book 3) by Aja

Sarai “Slick” Lewis is the princess of the family with the most to learn.

Sarai is known to be the loose cannon: explosive & unpredictable.
The truth is that only she can save herself, but love can help.


Pool of Lies by Amber Ghe

Nine, an ambitious pool shark, is hired by billionaire businessman Remington Jones to teach him the art of pool. She’s fiery and runs game on him, leaving him wanting more. But Nine quickly realizes that Remington has a hidden agenda.

He is obsessed with winning at all costs, even if it means using her talents against his rival. Remington falls for Nine as the tournament approaches despite his questionable intentions. Leaving Nine faced with a life-changing decision. Will she choose love or loyalty?


A Turn in the Air (Wicked Moves Book 2) by A.H. Cunningham

Sal is about her business, her friends, her video games, and some light criminal activity.

When the criminal activity lands her in hot water, she goes to her tried and true methods, but they all fail her. 

Devon is about his art, his physical therapy, his brother’s well-being, and his teaching. 

When his status in the US is threatened by his tendon injury, he realizes he’s going to have to make some hard decisions. 

His solution? A modern marriage of convenience. Protection for Papers. 

When both realize they have way more in common than their friendships and passions, a primal connection threatens to upend everything they thought they knew. 

Can they overcome their past hang-ups and figure out a way forward together?

Finding The Strength To Love You by Joslyn Marks

A traumatic event has caused Camille Stewart to shut down physically and mentally. Her strength has been weakened causing her to no longer have faith or trust in the man who was supposed to provide her with love, peace and protection.

Bad decisions, lack of communication and immaturity has Jace Andrews life in a tailspin of emotional turmoil. is he man enough to put his pride aside and admit his wrongdoing or will he leave a door open to allow another man to come in and take what’s his?

Love is tested and bonds are broken. Can, Jace and Camille find the strength to repair the love they didn’t even know existed between them? Only time will tell in Finding The Strength to Love You!


Stepdaddy Season by Natisha Raynor

For Cypher Hall being the mother to twin boys is far from easy. She has to work two jobs just to keep her head above water, and she still often feels like she’s drowning. She hadn’t been in a relationship since her kids’ father eight years ago, and she’s started to realize that Prince Charming may never ride up on his white horse and save her. In her heart of hearts, Cypher wants her sons to grow up in a household filled with love, not a mother that sometimes has to miss important events because she’s the breadwinner. Cypher never imagined that getting a tattoo for her birthday would ultimately change the course of her life forever. 

Houston Robinson suffers an unfortunate tragedy and overnight, he’s responsible for two kids that he didn’t biologically create. That doesn’t matter because Houston would walk through hell barefoot for those kids. When the woman in his life can’t seem to come to grips with his new lifestyle, Houston has no problem with setting her free. Once he becomes single, another relationship is the furthest thing from his mind but as a good friend once told him, sometimes you have to go through the BS to get to the good ish. Houston just might find that to be true when single mother Cypher and her twin sons enter his life. 


Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (Harris Sisters Book 2) by Nyora René

Ruby Harris was at the top of her game at the law firm she worked at. She had an impeccable winning record and was on the fast track to making her partner. She did everything right…except that night five years ago when she decided to throw caution to the wind and do something naughty for a change to celebrate passing the bar exam. That night her world was rocked by a man named Maurice…only that wasn’t his real name.

Imagine her surprise when Maurice turned out to be Justin Davis, a founding partner in the law firm she had accepted a job at. For five years, both kept quiet about that one night, avoiding each other…until they had to work a case together. The undeniable chemistry that they tried to ignore for the last five years exploded and left them trying to juggle the shift in their relationship. How do you maintain professionalism when your boss is the same man who has you screaming his name after hours? What happens when your one-night stand becomes your boss, then your lover again?


Always Us: An Urban Love Story (Only Us Book 2) by Kaylyn

Time has passed, but the love and loyalty among these friends have never wavered. Always Us is the final stop in their journey to adulthood from Only You. They all face new problems that stem from their past. Ultimately, will love, trust, and divine connections be enough for them to choose who their heart desires?


Shooter’s Free Verse by Donnia Marie

FREE VERSE: /frē ˈvərs/Noun
the lack of a consistent rhyme scheme, metrical pattern, or musical form.

If he says it, he means it. If he did it, he doesn’t regret it. Because whether we like it or not, he controls what happens in his universe. He doesn’t believe in mistakes, only lessons. These lessons often find their way freely into his verses. His name is often recited, but folks have no idea of the man behind it.

She is searching for the reset button. You know, rewind back to the time when things were so simple, where no heartbreak existed. When all she had to worry about was doing homework and being the center of attention for all the right reasons and not because of a scandal. 

Immerse yourself in Shooter and Lexiana’s Free Verse as they use their talents, bodies, and life lessons to create a rhythm that at first appears to have no rhyme or reason. By the end, they will make patterns and music that not only speak to the soul but speaks to the hearts they are both looking to mend.

Important Note: This novel is a spin-off from the Bennett Affair Series featuring Shooter & Lexi. Though this series ends on a high note, we experience their romance through friendship first, which builds as a slow burn. If a slow and steady novel is not your preference, please feel free to check out some of my other works. If you choose to continue, you’re in for a treat. And for those returning after reading the Bennett Brothers, just know you have no idea!


Heat Haven Heaux-tell: Three Novellas by Denise Essex

The Heat Haven Heaux-tell is a sensual resort where guests come to live out their wildest fantasies. Three couples experience the oasis in starkly different ways.

The Masseuse and the widow: Jamal is a captivating young massage therapist at the resort. When his mature client, Tammy, books a massage with him, he is immediately infatuated with the way she carries herself. What happens when she also aches for him, but can’t get past their twenty-year age difference?

The unexpected blind date: Kenny is a brazen journalist who has no problem speaking his mind. Lyric is full of free-spirited, sensual energy, and enjoys success in every area, except her romantic life. What happens when a mutual friend plans a group vacation, but only the two of them show up? Will they let their frustration with their friend’s meddling ruin a good time? Or will they allow themselves to open to the possibilities?

Reality TV Arranged Marriage: Trey is a former child star turned swoon-worthy model. Daniella is an uber famous social media influencer with over one-million followers. They both agreed to do an arranged marriage reality television series to boost their careers but fell for each other in the process. What happens when the cameras stop rolling and their honeymoon at Heat Haven begins? Will they fire each other for the role of spouse? Or will they do the hard work and build a solid foundation?


Can’t Let Her Go by Kianna Alexander

Friends to lovers? There’s a lot to consider, a lot to hope for, and a lot at risk in a steamy and emotional romance by the bestselling author of Can’t Resist Her.

Peaches Monroe and Jamie Hunt are core members of their Texas friend squad and have so much in common. They’re successful at their careers in personal care. They take Austin’s “Keep It Weird” vibe to heart, each leaning into their own unique talents and sense of style. And they’re both ready to go on to even bigger things. Is pushing past the boundaries of friendship into something deeper one of them? The red-hot fantasy is there…but so is real life.

Jamie’s college dreams will take her far from her hometown. She’s already road-tripping to possibilities from San Antonio to Houston. And Peaches has obligations of her own. Not only is she planning to expand her business, but she’s taking care of her family after her mother’s passing, leaving her overwhelmed and under pressure.

No matter how perfect Jamie and Peaches are for each other, is this the right time for romance? Finding their true selves comes first. Only then can they hope to pursue a future of lasting love—together.


Falling for the Off Limits Billionaire: Opposites Attract Age Gap Romance by Azani Leshay

I needed to hire her to save my company’s program but not sleeping with her because she’s off limits is a little harder.

Each time I see her she’s looking like a snack prepared just for me.

I’m supposed to be focused on holding on to my CEO title while the people under me want me gone.

She comes in to handle business and I instantly want to handle her.

A young single mom, brilliant and beautiful, hustling for herself and her son is quite the look.

But she only wants to hit it and quit it: the business plan…and me.

When we finally get down to business she’s putty in my hands…sweet and obedient.

If she thinks I’ll let her slip out my grasp now, she has another thing coming.

It’s a game she started but I play to win.

Can I push past my ego and create the perfect family for us?


New Year’s In June by Chelsea Maria

A beautiful read with some of your favorite couples. Not just the Kalmin’s but Delilah and Kellon. Coco and Dre. Choyce, Chance, and Frankie. The Luciano’s. Andrea and Landon. I got everybody in here, LOL.

This is just a sweet prelude to what’s in store. A few new characters that you will love too.


What You Do For Love by Miss Zenith

Songstress Ava Rose steps out on faith and moves to New York to pursue her dreams of getting her singing career to the big stage. After two years of hustling for her big break with no luck, she literally runs into the man who can help make her dreams a reality. As she soon discovers, he could also be the man of her dreams.

Brooklyn-born superstar and icon in the making, Chauncey Grey, appears to have a life anyone would hope for. His money, millions of fans and unfaltering good looks affords him to live his life on his terms. However, when his battles with friends and past romantic relationships come to light, they threaten to derail his chances of being with the one woman he discovers he can’t live without.

Together, both Ava Rose and Chauncey discover, What You Do for Love.


Key To My Happiness by Pamela Campbell

Dr. Bella Carmichael is a strong-willed single mother with a successful medical practice. When Kaden Foster, an ex-basketball star, showed up at her office everything changed for her. Kaden quickly sets his sights on Bella and eventually convinces her to go out with him.

Their relationship is romantic, and a dream come true for Bella. But the major challenge is her insecurities due to the traumatic ending of her last relationship.

Will Bella choose to love Kaden through her insecurities, or will she let go of their relationship to protect her heart?


Her Best Kept Secret by Kandis

Fresh out of law school, the only thing on Rome Bradley’s mind is becoming a top defense attorney and watching his bank account grow. Rome’s tunnel vision refuses to let anything deter him from his goal; including a chance at love. The ability to stay focused is easy for him, until he crosses paths with Jaslyn. Once she enters his life, will Rome be able to keep his focus solely on his career? Or will he go against his own rules for the woman who captured his attention?

Although Jaslyn Larry is a sucker for love, it’s the one thing she’s yet to experience. On the brink of giving up and thinking that love isn’t in the cards for her, Jaslyn quickly changes her tune once she encounters Rome Bradley. Is he the one who will give her the love she yearns for? Or will he do more harm than good?

Join Authoress Kandis, as she takes you on a journey with Rome and Jaslyn while they battle through a series of love,lies, and heartache.


A Virgin for the Bachelor Billionaire (Can’t Buy a Billionaire) by Rose M. Cooper

Amina made a rash decision in the heat of a passionate moment with billionaire rake Kieran Holland.

Now she may be a million dollars richer, but she’s also decidedly pregnant with his baby.
Kieran never made a decision he regretted. He took what he wanted and what he’d wanted four months ago was the virgin barista who’d needed money in the worst way. He’d overheard her desperate idea to auction off her virginity when he sat beside her and her friend while she was on break at the coffee shop.

He’d decided she was too sweet and naïve to be someone’s sweaty thousand-dollar dream. No, he’d pay her for her company at his sister’s wedding and demand nothing more.

But she’d offered.

And now she’s carrying his heir and a small piece of his heart.

Dare he abandon his confirmed bachelorhood for a ready-made family with his barista baby mama?


Sunshine & Silk Boxers: A Steamy Small Town Age Gap Romance by Joi Jackson

A lingerie designer. An IT Project Manager. A young-ish stripper.
A small town love triangle that will give you all the small town summer feels.

Gia Mitchell, a lingerie designer, has just moved back to her hometown from Manhattan ready to open her first boutique using 3D printing technology. She convinces her best friend from high school, Winston Locke, to relocate so he can use his technology background to help her get the store up and running.

Winston, needing a new start after calling off his wedding, jumps at the chance, after all, he’s been waiting for the perfect moment to tell Gia he wants to be more than friends.

The only obstacle: Gia’s one night stand, a young, hard bodied dancer she met in Nashville, has just moved to Kissing Springs and it’s clear he wants more than one night with Gia.
Will she choose love or pack up and head back to New York?

Summer heats up in Kissing Springs, KY with a new love triangle, age gap love story.

Welcome to Kissing Springs, the Romance Capital of the South.

In this collection of steamy summer romances set in Kissing Springs, nine authors bring you standalone stories from single dads to second chances, ex-military to sports romance. By the end of three seasons there will be 27 books in total from the authors in the Kissing Springs small town collection.


Charlie’s Angels: A Polyamorous Affair by Penny Blacwrite

What happens when a threesome turns into a polyamorous affair? The question is, can Charlie Thompson handle it?
Sure, she can. She endured single motherhood for twenty-one years after having her son Jaden when she was only thirteen years old. She even leveled up from making nine dollars an hour as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Lagrange, GA to the head nurse of one of the most prestigious hospitals in New York City. And you know what they say, if you can make it in New York, you could make it anywhere!

Sean and Shelly Fox are a dynamic and attractive black power couple who run New York Presbyterian Hospital, serving as the CEO and the CNO (Chief Nursing Officer). While their polished image charms many on the outside, including Charlie, Sean and Shelly’s relationship is much more complicated than meets the eye. Between the secrets that Shelly holds and the chain of events that takes place as Charlie is pulled into a pandora’s box of luxury, money, and sex, with two of New York City’s heavy hitters, expect controversy, drama, risqué locations, steamy sex, and a whole lot of mischief.

In the end will this poly couple survive this emotional roller coaster of love, or will they be torn apart?


Love is Kind: A Christian Romance by Faith Arceneaux

He was the one who fired her, the last person she should extend her kindness to. 
But she did. She believed that no matter the circumstances, kindness was applicable. 

Despite her situation, she knew God would work it out for her good. At least, that’s what she was trusting. 

As a millionaire businessman, kindness didn’t aid him in gaining his riches, so it was the last thing he extended in any situation. 

Could her lesson in kindness lead to everlasting love?


Lemon Pepper: Where Love & Grief Meet by Nina

How did you meet the love of your life? Your forever person.

Two people seemingly from different worlds with many connections find themselves intertwined in a whirlwind of emotional, chaotic, yet beautiful and healing bonding.

What one couldn’t be for themselves, they found in each other.


More Than Planned by Mia Smith

MORE THAN PLANNED is a contemporary romance novella by Mia Smith.

Camille bounding in creativity and smarts is a woman who has her eye on setting a crochet world record. Her cozy life with her sister Phoebe is coming along just fine, until Camille unexpectedly runs into Tarik. As she fiercely guards her hurt feelings Camille’s smile is tender but…her thoughts are intense. She is at a crossroads and will take her time deciding which direction to go.

Tarik’s family needed him halfway across the country. Although nervous at the sight of her, now that he has returned, Tarik does not hold back anything. He is ready to face her after going radio silent almost two years ago. At the time Tarik was not aware that choosing to help his family and himself would end up hurting Camille. Tarik, now being much wiser, is ready to do whatever it takes.

The City of Boston is the backdrop of this contemporary romance between Camille and Tarik. Their lighthearted budding romance later developed into unspoken assumptions that over time made each one distant in heart and mind. Now face to face wrestling with stirring emotions, an undeniable physical attraction and hoping for their own desires to come to fruition. Camille and Tarik know that sometimes in life things do not unfold as expected but they learn it can turn out to be more than planned.


Ebony Love by Nadine Frye

Luminescent Byers spent her days calling the melanated to action. After tragedy hits home she understood that her voice was needed to wake the people up. Life as an activist has many layers especially when it puts her in the path of a sworn enemy. One that makes her heart pitter-patter. 

Rafiq Barrett was born into a family that lived by the badge while making their communities safer. Serving the people is not just a duty, it’s a birthright. Although he has sun-kissed skin people only viewed him as “Blue.” With a world full of unrest, Rafiq feels like a man caught in the middle. It all comes home when the thick spitfire calls his service into true action. 

She is the voice the people
He vowed to protect and serve

Can two people on different sides of the struggle find love or will their opposing views rob their chances?


After the Storm (Knight Family Series) by Rae Anderson

I married her because she was my peace in a storm. Now she’d become the author of my hurt. Where did we go from there? The destination seemed so inconceivable and the journey so murky.

This novella follows Erin and Lucky as they navigate through a difficult challenge as a married couple. Readers are encouraged to read Dinner with a Stranger and Lunch Amongst Lovers prior to indulging.


Still Sky: (Still Series Book 1) by Skylar Nightingale

I’m falling in love with one of the most captivating men I’ve ever laid eyes on. But what happens when his best friend is an old crush who wants to ignite a new flame? – Sky

Sky Hartman is enduring another conversation with her mom about her nonexistent love life when she slams into sexy business mogul Mateo Jacobson with a hot cup of coffee in her hand.

Despite their messy meeting, Sky is quickly swept up in his charismatic charm. Her best friend warns her of his notorious playboy ways, but after a few warm and cozy nights by the fire, Sky realizes she’s falling for him.

Until his womanizing ways leave her heart shattered.

When Mateo’s best friend, Cade, swoops in to console her, Sky questions his intentions. Although it makes her uneasy to learn his true feelings for her, she wonders if his sweet, romantic nature is what she needs.

But when Mateo is attacked and left for dead, Sky volunteers to help nurse him back to health. Faced, once more, with the selfless and tender ways of the suave casanova, will Sky risk heartbreak again by choosing Mateo? Or will Cade’s kindness and laughter provide her with the happily ever after she hopes for?

Still Sky is a slow-burn romance. It does not end on a cliffhanger.
*This book contains sensitive content.


Next To You (The Faith Series Book 3) by Dionne Grace

Some rules are meant to be broken

Pretending to be Marcel Saunders’ girlfriend is by far the worst idea Kendra Hayes has ever heard, and she certainly doesn’t want to spend Christmas Day pretending to be something she is not. She knows full well that being added to Marcel’s very long list of girlfriends—fake or real—can only end in disaster, especially as he is not only handsome, but has a genuine charm that is near impossible to resist.

Marcel won’t deny he loves women, and he isn’t exactly looking for marriage and commitment. He is quite content with his six-week rule. Still, when Kendra turns up at his door, accusing him of stealing her cat, it soon becomes apparent to Marcel that his neighbour makes the idea of breaking his rule appealing.


Summer’s Unexpected Spark by Chuccie

Ty and Avonna meet on a flight to Minnesota and quickly form a connection while conversing for the duration of the flight. When Ty’s girlfriend suddenly ends their relationship during the trip, Ty is left feeling lost and alone in an unfamiliar city. In her time of need, she turns to Avonna, who comes over to provide comfort.

Gradually, as they spend more time together, Ty and Avonna develop a strong bond. However, Ty’s biggest fear remains that it might be too late for them as Veya still lingers in the picture.

Amidst all this confusion, Avonna helps Ty through her pain.


Come Play In It: An Urban Erotica by P. Wise

Would you ever imagine a successful gynecologist could get wrapped up in the web of an escort? Anything is possible.

Aria “Riri” Rose was a lost soul. After being raised in the system and losing her brother at a young age, Aria turned to someone she thought would make her whole. The upbeat life he gave her of designer, luxury cars, and homes came at an expense, one she had to pay for with what was between her legs.

Silas Stevens was born into a drug family, but instead of joining the family business, he became a doctor, a gynecologist at that. He always stayed out of the way and did his own thing, but that was until he reconnected with a familiar person from his past.

While it all started with just mind-blowing sex, the two started to catch feelings. Are they compatible with the different lives they live? Would their chemistry be enough to want more and beat the odds against them?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP.

New Release Round-up June 19th-25th

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