Elijah Martin is in desperate need of a second chance when his agent submits his artwork for a one in a lifetime opportunity. When his life’s stressors threaten his ability to create, he plans a two-week escape to focus on finding inspiration. Upon his arrival, the untimely presence of his ex, Imani Pressley, forces him to confront his past and question his future.

Imani Pressley wants a change. Growing tired of dealing with the same men, being passed over for promotions at work, and feeling stagnant in life, she goes on vacation in hopes of finding a thrill. What she didn’t expect was to run into the man she once loved deeply. The unexpected reunion gives Imani a reason to let her guard down and live in the moment.

They have one bed, two weeks alone, and over three years of unsaid truths. In My One and Only Love, Imani and Elijah face their complicated past, acknowledge the meaning of the present, and redefine their future together.


New Release Spotlight – My One and Only Love: A Novella, by D. Rose

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