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Caution (Blackwood After Dark Book 2) by Christina C. Jones

Find something safe to do..
(Caution is a paranormal novella)


I’m On Whatever You On by A.C. Taylor

He’s her client. 
She’s his weakness.
One request, and he’ll give her anything she desires. 

For Simone, the only thing she cares about is looking out for the people she loves, maintaining a great reputation as a massage therapist, and building a family with the only man she’s ever been with. But when she overhears her longtime boyfriend talking about wanting a hall pass, she’s furious, and what starts as a one-sided request soon becomes the opportunity she never knew she needed.

Legend is all about his music and making an even bigger name for himself as a solo artist. But after announcing his plans to leave the music group that he’s been a part of since he was a teenager, he becomes a target for someone desperate to see his downfall. Determined to maintain his peace, Legend turns to the person who can help alleviate his stress. Not only is Simone his massage therapist, but she’s his friend, and the one woman he wants but can’t have. That is…until she accidentally mentions her boyfriend wanting a one-time fling with someone else.

See what happens when Simone makes Legend an offer he can’t refuse. Rules will be set, and every one of them will be broken. But when all is said and done, will their steamy encounter force Simone to become just as weak for Legend as he is for her? Or will their actions serve them with consequences that make it impossible for them to be anything more than what they’ve always been?


My One and Only Love: A Novella by D. Rose

Elijah Martin is in desperate need of a second chance when his agent submits his artwork for a once in a lifetime opportunity. When his life’s stressors threaten his ability to create, he plans a two-week escape to focus on finding inspiration. Upon his arrival, the untimely presence of his ex, Imani Pressley, forces him to confront his past and question his future.

Imani Pressley wants a change. Growing tired of dealing with the same men, being passed over for promotions at work, and feeling stagnant in life, she goes on vacation in hopes of finding a thrill. What she didn’t expect was to run into the man she once loved deeply. The unexpected reunion gives Imani a reason to let her guard down and live in the moment.

They have one bed, two weeks alone, and over three years of unsaid truths. In My One and Only Love, Imani and Elijah face their complicated past, acknowledge the meaning of the present, and redefine their future together.


Cindy Ella (BLP Fairytales Book 1) by Denise Essex

Cynthia “Cindy Ella” Miller is a stunning young Veterinarian School graduate. She and her father, Alonzo Miller, have moved in with his new wife Mama Tremaine and her fraternal twin stepsisters Dreeyah and Stasia. Cindy has finally gotten the family she’s longed for her entire life. All is well until Alonzo dies unexpectedly. Things slowly start to change for the worse.

Dr. Kofi Carter is an irresistible new Veterinarian at the Paradise Pet Care Hospital. He is the youngest of three boys and seems to be underestimated both at home and on the job. A horrific event from his childhood makes Kofi believe he has to prove his worth and that respect must be demanded.

When Cindy starts her internship at the same pet hospital where Kofi works, he can’t rest until he makes her his, but he finds himself in the friendzone. Kofi drops everything to help Cindy when she reveals her suspicion that there was foul play in her father’s death. Will a Winter sneaker ball be enough to expose Cindy’s evil stepmother and bring the two together? Or will Cindy be left without answers and out of Kofi’s grasp for good?


His Sleeping Beauty (BLP Fairytales Book 2) by B. Love

Wealthy, spoiled, and privileged, Nazii James is used to living a soft life and always getting her way. There’s only one thing she’s been denied of, and that’s her brother’s best friend—Taz Humphreys.

When Nazii’s next door neighbor, Winifred the Witch, gets tired of waiting for her to give her son a chance at love… Winifred decides to take matters into her own hands—creating a love spell that only true love’s kiss can break.

Will Nazii be awakened by Taz for the happily ever after she craves, or will he be too late, forcing her to spend the rest of her life in a permanent slumber?


Dessert for Three: an erotic novelette by Nicole Falls

After being unceremonsiously dumped by her ex, Ouima is still licking her wounds six months later. While out on a pre-birthday night on the town, she’s approached with an opportunity that she finds herself unable to resist.


There Goes the Bride by Té Russ

It had been the morning from hell…

Driving around in a taxi, now jobless, I think to myself, “This day can’t get any more bizarre…”

And then she dove into my taxi, while at a red light.

Wearing a wedding dress, a pair of sneakers on her feet, and her face stained with tears.


I’ll Be The One by T’Lyn

With ten years into a successful marriage and a thriving business, Destiny Harris was living the life most only dreamed of. There was only one addition that would bring eveything full circle, but a harsh reality turned her world upside down. Betrayal and lies replaced the truth she believed to be the foundation of her happy life.

MyKyng Masters was a man of substance and structure. Even at a very young age, he had a firm grasp on everyone and eveything around him. With an already complicated life, the last thing he needed was a reminder that no one can maintain complete control.

As a woman determined, Destiny would do whatever necessary to bring peace back into her life and MyKyng quickly learned the chaos that Destiny brought to his is worth loosing control for.


In Creed We Trust: A Mafia Romance (Crowne Legacy Book 10) by Sherelle Green

When you’ve lost the person you love most, the only way to heal is to get retribution.


Everyone has some darkness lurking inside of them. The ability to convince themselves what’s right is wrong, and what’s wrong is right. All my life, I got great at hiding my demons. But you know what they say. Buried demons have a way of clawing themselves to the surface. For a man like me, those demons eventually became my only family.

Deep secrets and enemies piling up at my door left little room for anything else. Then she came along. A woman I never saw coming. But how can I live for anything when my soul remains so far from saving, the devil himself considers it home? Grief can force you to do unspeakable things and tragedy can make you unrecognizable, even to yourself. I guess for a man who used to find God, but now only sees the devil, inflicting revenge isn’t a part of life. It’s the entirety of it.

For years, these adopted Chicago siblings have lived by the code, Know Thy Enemy. However, what seems too good to be true usually is. Some say mafia. They say family. Can they trust their allies and defend the Crowne legacy? Or will they realize that loyalty, love, and honor are luxuries they can’t afford?


Dawning and Resurgence (The Collective Book 2) by K.C. Mills

“I’ll never ask for you to be with me, to love me, to appreciate me and what I have to offer. Everything I do will be for you. I will be unabashedly devoted to making you happy. The choice will always have to be yours. But if you continue to choose me? I promise to give you everything I am, everything I will ever be, everything you can even imagine. There will never be a moment of your life where you will ever question where I stand with you, how I feel, or whether I choose you. But I’ll never ask, Jhorie. I can’t. The choice will always have to be yours.” – Ezekiel

“You’ll never have to ask because the decision has already been made. I’ve already chosen you, Ezekiel, and my choice is never changing.” -Jhorie

This is our story…

*Dawning and Resurgence a standalone novel which can be read alone, however for a better reading experience, it’s best to begin with Shadows and Whispers.*


It’s Not Forever, It’s For Now (Young In Love Book 5) by Elle Wright

A lie can follow you to death.

The first time my mother told me that, it didn’t resonate. I’d made it a point to always tell the story that suited me in the moment. Truth or fiction. Except… I didn’t count on the lies I told myself. Or the woman who held up the mirror so I could see them.

I’m Tristan… and I got next.

IT’S NOT FOREVER, IT’S FOR NOW is book five in the Young In Love Series, featuring the very large, very fun Young Family. If you love romance with layered characters and laugh out loud moments, snag your copy. This novel contains sex, profanity, and sensitive subjects that some may find triggering.


She’s A Keeper: A Second Chance Sports Romance (She Can Play Book 1) by Tember Sapphire

Lionel Miller was my best friend, the love of my life and my first heartbreak.

Before he went pro, we were inseparable.

I was his Buttercup and he was my Butch.

That is, until the unexpected happened.

In one swift stomp to my heart we went from best friends and lovers… to strangers.

What happens when years later, he makes a surprise appearance at my wedding?

Where do we go from here?

How do we deal with the hurt from the past, and is there still something between us?

Can we rekindle the flames or has our love burned out?


⚽️ Second Chance
💚 Childhood Best Friends
⚽️ Friends to Lovers
💚 Black Love
⚽️ Dual Timeline
💚 Dual POV
⚽️ Caribbean Culture
💚 Young Adult
⚽️ New Adult
💚 Football Romance


The Trouble With Our Love: A Second Chance Romance by Wynta Tyme

Lockett Links has been raised to always strive for more. Bred in beautiful Sundance, IL, the aspiring cartoonist concentrates on setting records and accomplishing goals that will allow her to comfortably love Kable Kuffs.

Though rough around the edges, Kable is set on proving he’s worth more than the dreary streets he resides on and even more committed to showing Lockett he’s capable of maintaining the life she’s accustomed to. Unfortunately, being pulled between family and friends, savior and savage, may create a wedge too deep to reconcile. Will distance, deceitful parties, and the arrival of a smooth businessman create a bounty for Lockett’s love that Kable can’t afford?


Penetration Testing by A.H. Cunningham

Emile Walker led a quiet life. His computers, his peaceful space, and the occasional dinner with his brother were all he needed. But ever since he hired Keyiara Ortiz Rodriguez as his weekly massage therapist, Emile couldn’t help but seek her vibrant, boisterous company.

Keyiara ‘Kiki’ Rodriguez liked her life to be unpredictable and full of excitement. Her client in Brooklyn was the odd quiet time in her week. She didn’t like introspective men, so why was she so intrigued by his serious demeanor and reserved manner? When Kiki elicits a rising in Emile’s interest, it leads to the sweetest weekend together, but will their differences come roaring back after they leave the cocoon of their 48 hours of passion?

This story was part of the Current Anthology published in November 2022.


Deviant II by Fai Carter

So much can change in the blink of an eye. People can change, situations can change, and life can change.

So, imagine how much could change in 7 years.

Deviant II is part two of Caseous and La’Toya’s story.


Leave It to Us: A Novel by A.C. Arthur

An inheritance forces three estranged sisters to face past hurts and painful memories in a heartfelt novel about family and resilience by the author of Happy Is On Hiatus.

When the Butler sisters learn they’ve inherited their beloved grandma Betty’s beach house in South Carolina, they have mixed emotions. To put it mildly.

Successful Lana seems to have it all. Nobody needs to know that her marriage and finances are falling apart. For her there’s no other option but to sell the beach house. Overburdened Yvonne already has priorities—including being her mother’s sole caretaker. Her advice: put it on the market and move on. Then there’s sentimental Tami. She can’t let her sisters just unload their past without at least one last trip to the Sea Islands.

They don’t have a choice. If they’re to collect, they must reunite and renovate their grandma’s bequest.

During a life-changing month on the shore, the Butler sisters not only uncover family secrets but start to repair their broken bond through personal revelations and a newfound desire to keep their family legacy alive. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s a beautiful start.


A Second Chance Christmas by Queen T

Years after being sent to prison on Christmas Eve, Solomon Samuels’ life isn’t how he imagined it. Granted, he’d accomplished every goal he set out to achieve, but his life has been consumed solely by working. Work has overpowered him, leaving him little to no time to dwell on the one failure he deeply regretted.
However, when a chance reencounter with his failure, his ex-wife, Sage, is placed in his path, Solomon knows there’s no avoiding the past.
Sage Daniels always knew loving bad boy Solomon Samuels would mean hurt and pain, but never did she imagine that he would live up to that theory and break her heart for two Christmases in a row. But a chance reunion in New Orleans the weekend before Christmas, sparked by a drunk night out, would place her in his path once again.
What begins as an unpleasant reunion for two former lovers leaves these exes rediscovering what they both may have been missing. But will this reunion begin the path to a second chance for a happily ever after?


I Can Make You Love Me by Nadia Nicole

Grieving the loss of her mother, Sundai returns home to plan a funeral and finds solace in the unlikeliest of places—Bryce, her mother’s neighbor. As they navigate the delicate dance of grief and unexpected connection, Sundai grapples with guilt for falling for Bryce during such a somber time. To complicate matters, Bryce’s Brother, Lucas, starts spreading vicious rumors about Sundai, fueled by jealousy. His motives are confirmed to be the product of his desire for her. Faced with the turmoil of emotions and the hurtful rumors, Sundai decides to distance herself and returns home.

Bryce can’t shake the profound impact Sundai has had on him. Unable to get her off his mind, he’s driven to take a leap of faith and flies halfway across the country to find her. I Can Make You Love Me weaves a tale of love emerging from the depths of grief, exploring the complexities of guilt, jealousy, and the resilience of the human heart. Will Sundai and Bryce overcome the obstacles and find a way to heal together, or will the challenges they face prove insurmountable in the pursuit of love and happiness?


Rudy Jones’s New Year’s Resolution by Aria Daze

Ah, New Year’s Eve. The perfect time for the proclamation of better habits and cleaner diets, unless you’re Rudy Jones. His New Year’s Resolution is simple; Get back his wife. Who is also technically, and legally, not his. The high school sweethearts have been estranged for six years after a nasty divorce, but Rudy’s ready to leave the past behind them. Can he convince Noah to give him one more shot or are some things truly better left unsaid? Join Rudy and Noah on a cozy winter adventure to find out!


Shadow’s Pride: Nightshade Vampires Book Three by Danni Williams

Clarissa Blackwater, a lion shifter and Remy Silversbane, a vampire second in command to the Master Vampire of Detroit, were two people that should have never crossed paths. But when both their worlds collided, they soon found each other embroiled in a conflict greater than either of them could have imagined: the search for an ancient artifact, the Sword of Truth.

The rumors said the Sword was powerful enough to heal any injury – even make its bearer impossible to kill – and for that reason many people are looking for it.

After the lions’ beloved Prince Aamandu was grievously injured, Remy and Clarissa took on finding the Sword. It seemed simple enough at first… until the mad vampire king, Raphael, became involved. The stakes suddenly became higher than ever before, and no one was sure who would come out alive.

Remy and Clarissa faced danger at every turn as they worked together to find the artifact, but something unexpected emerged along the way: a spark between them that could not be denied. During the search, the two would find love in the oddest of places and a strength neither knew they possessed. Who knows what awaits them in the end?


The Librarian and The Heathen (Season 1) by Edwina Fort

The Old Soul…
Okay, so maybe I believe in wearing slips under my dresses and skirts. But does that make me a bad person? The cut and shape of my unmentionables is nobody’s business…

And maybe I’ve been known to lose my cool over a rousing round of Bingo. But who wouldn’t? It’s fierce and competitive game, naturally tempers will run hot from time to time…

Yes, my two BFF’s are 65-year-old Twins. But they’re my ride-or-die chicks. We have each other’s backs…can you really put an age on that?

I mean, yeah…I can see how people can come to the impression that I’m an old woman stuck in a young woman’s body. But I’m stubborn enough not to give a damn! I will not be judged. Especially not by Power, that-that savage! Thug! HEATHEN! of a man, who’s just opened that monstrosity of a restaurant, that he had the unmitigated gall to name Power’s Place, in our once quiet, peaceful neighborhood. Now all the good tax paying citizens in our area must deal with those gangbangers he calls staff… If only the city will adhere to one of my many letters and close that place down! I know something illegal is happening down there. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were running drugs out of that place. If only I can find some proof…

The Heathen…
Because of me, three of my four little brothers are dead. Yes…I buried everybody who was involved…

I have so much blood on my hands, there is no humanity left inside of me…The only thing that exist where my heart used to be, is a slab of stone.

I don’t care who you are, if you foolish enough to step in the way of me obtaining this bag, you gone find out the destruction a bullet reaps on a human body…

And then I met Rose, a sexy AF little busy body of a woman, who became a huge pain in my ass! I don’t know why I couldn’t bring myself to ghost her. She keeps calling the police on my staff, and writing letters to the f*cking city, bringing unwanted attention to my operation! She bravely challenges me when everyone else is smart enough to fear me. Yet still, I can’t bring myself to off her. In fact, I often find myself fantasizing about that body she’s hiding underneath her grandma clothes. With my enemies getting closer to discovering what really happens behind the doors of Power’s Place, I don’t have time for the distraction this little woman brings. Still, I’m not a man used to denying myself the things that I want. And what I find myself these days wanting more then anything, is a taste of Rose…


Let’s Start Over: A McCoy Sisters Holiday Short by Nicole Dior

Thirty-year-old marketing executive, Empathy McCoy faces some reservations when she receives an invitation from her mother, requesting her presence in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with her family and some close friends from college. When Empathy is reunited with her ex-boyfriend Maui Carter, a lot of resentment, anger, pain from the past, and a hidden secret could possibly ruin everyone’s holiday. Find out what happens when old friends reunite and old feelings come to surface in this holiday short.


Silent Knight by Connie Easton

Take, take, take was all Noel Robins knew. She is the product of get it by any means necessary. She’s also a woman that finds joy in the holidays totally different from the world. However, when she wanders off into the wrong house, she’s left with an ultimatum that changes her agenda completely.

Xavier Knight has nothing for Graceland Heights, at least that’s what he thought when he moved away. Now, he finds himself back in the same place he tried to forget. A snowstorm caught him by surprise locking him down and isolating him from society. It was just his luck, that life hit him with one hell of a snowball before Christmas.

Family tends to make you do things you wouldn’t think twice about. Also, family isn’t always categorized by blood. Those individuals are the most influential.


Thank You To My Man: A Lyon’s Den Holiday Novella by K. Nicole

This is part of a series.

Layton, Sevyn, and Tiece are back in this Thanksgiving holiday short to give appreciation to their men, King, Kashmere and Kashece.

Enjoy the last ride with the crew.


French Vanilla Seduction: Java city Book 4 by Sharon Blount

Welcome back to Java City, where the coffee is steamy, but the romance sizzles!

Renowned Chef Nicholson Lattimore is a sensation in the kitchen, but his love life has been more than lackluster. Every relationship he’s attempted seems to fail, leaving him disconcerted and frustrated. Nicholas’s unfulfillment sends him to Java City with plans to open Ground to Perfection, a culinary school that he hopes will help budding chefs elevate their culinary skills, and keep his mind off the shambles doubling as his life.

Qiana Michaels is a notorious beast in the kitchen…but not in a good way. While most cooks in Java City are known for their exceptional skills, Qiana’s fumbles and mishaps in the kitchen have elevated her to local celebrity status as the city’s worst cook. Qiana realizes she falls short when it comes to the stove; however, her estranged relationship with her disapproving mother has not only kept her from learning to cook a proper meal, she believes she may never win her mother’s approval. When Qiana wanders into Nicholson’s kitchen to learn how to cook, she doesn’t expect the handsome chef to be able to work the miracle she needs – or that he’ll agree to become her fake fiancé in a split decision when her mother pushes her too far. 

Slowly, Nicholson and Qiana realize they’re no longer faking their relationship, they’re falling in love. But when a dreadful secret from Nicholson’s past surfaces, will the fake couple be able to keep up the charade, or will their shot at love end with a Espresso?


The Secrets We Keep by Sheena Binkley

The Baptiste sisters, Chante, Darla, and Whitney, all have their own lives to live, but there’s one secret that the three have been keeping from everyone since the night their father disappeared. Can the three keep their secret hidden, or will they be exposed for the crime they committed?

the oldest of the Baptiste sisters. She was considered the mother figure and has protected Darla and Whitney since their mother passed away ten years ago. While she has a family of her own, she is always bailing out her sisters, which puts a strain on her marriage to DeMarcus. But what could potentially tear her marriage apart is the secret she’s been harboring from DeMarcus. She figures it’s time to tell him, but she knows it’ll cause a rift with her sisters. Will she be able to keep her marriage together while protecting her sisters?

Darla is the middle sister but has always been the rebellious one. She doesn’t listen to anyone, which always puts her in crazy situations. When her sisters think she has things under control and is living a normal life, she surprises them by doing something stupid. She also changes the men in her life, which has been frowned upon by her sisters, especially Chante. When she gets into a freak accident with a handsome stranger, she sees him as a potential new man in her life, but he could be more than what she bargained for. Will this be another incident that her sisters will have to bail her out of, or will she be able to handle what’s in store for her?

Whitney is the youngest sister and always had a good head on her shoulders. She promised her mom that she would achieve the goals set out for her, so she intends to make do with it by becoming Marcy’s newest mayor. She’s also planning her wedding to her college sweetheart, Garrett. But someone in her camp could also be her worst enemy, who will do anything to see her, along with her sisters, falter. Could Whitney not only be able to save her reputation, as well as her sisters, or will their secret be the talk of the town?

Chante, Darla, and Whitney have a lot going for them, but it could all be taken away at a dime. When old wounds begin to reopen, the Baptiste sisters will need each other to get through the issues they will face in their personal lives and with each other.


The Purest Love: A Christmas Short (Holiday Series 2) by Aja Cornish

In the ever-shifting dance of time and seasons, love… Love is love, no matter where it finds you. The purest form of love is when it’s undeserved. It transcends societal boundaries, defying status, gender, and race. In the world we live in, people can love you today, and hate you tomorrow. That’s that fake love we all can do without. But, when it’s real, it sacrifices, it suffers, it proves, and it covers all. Yatti and Danielle, two souls from different walks of life, discover the profound beauty of love in their Thanksgiving tale, “All I Want Is You.” The potency of their love shed light on what it is to look beyond a person’s faults and see their needs. It gave a clear picture of what it looks like to love from a place of selflessness and having no control. The heart wants what the heart wants, and sometimes we just have to surrender to the process. 

Addiction is one of those topics people don’t really like to talk about, yet everyone has someone in their family who unfortunately is an addict. Danielle is a recovering addict, and has done well since Yatti walked into her life and staked his claim. How long will it last though? When the shadow of doubt looms… Can she navigate the complexities of sobriety when Yatti isn’t there to guide her? Reality hits hard, and old habits linger, and reality becomes the crucible testing newfound resolve. Find out how Merry Yatti and Danielle’s Christmas turns out to be… Or will it be a disaster? Join them in this heartfelt exploration of love’s transformative power and the enduring quest for redemption.


Take a Bow (The Baker Bodyguards Book 1) by Simone Sims

Don’t call it a comeback. Actually, please don’t call it a comeback. Gisele (known just as Gisele) is nervous enough. The child star turned teen idol turned popstar is nervous enough for her forthcoming album. The thought alone sends her into a panic and into the arms of a tall, dark, and handsome stranger. 

Liam Baker is in a bit of a transition. A straight laced West Point grad trying to re-adjust to civilian life, he’s dragged to Spain by his brother and ends up saving a celebrity. The night to remember becomes a turning point in his life as he finds himself unable to escape from the orbit of the trouble singer. He doesn’t know if it’s her fiery personality or the vulnerability he occasionally glimpses, but he can’t stay away. 

Take a Bow is forbidden bodyguard romance novella with a guaranteed HEA.


Secret Santa: A Romantic Suspense Short by Tanisha Stewart

Noelle Carter is looking forward to an uneventful holiday season at the office. But when a secret admirer starts sending her love poems signed, “Your Secret Santa,” things take an unexpected turn.

As Noelle navigates the mystery and mixed emotions, she’s also juggling relationship issues for her best friend Karole. When Noelle suspects Karole’s boyfriend is cheating, secrets threaten to ruin the holidays.

Add in a hostile boss who seems to be out to get her, and Noelle has her hands full. 

Will Noelle be able to solve all her problems before Christmas comes? Or will they destroy her holiday cheer for good?


Sincerely Her by J. Danielle

Yamina is heartbroken after D’artagnan’s sudden change of heart. After falling head over heels in love with him, she never imagined he would end things so suddenly…but he did. 

Fast forward to years later. Yamina has moved on with her life, determined to leave D’artagnan and memories of their summer love affair in the past…so she thought. 

D’artagnan has the perfect opportunity to reintroduce himself back into Yamina’s life. He is dead set on not making the same mistake twice with the one who still owns his heart. 

Yamina is running…not only from Him, but from secrets of the past. Will Yamina escape his pursuit? Or will D’artagnan catch Her? Only time will tell. 

Author’s Note: This is book two in a two book series. Readers should read Sincerely Him (Part I) before reading this book.


Christmas in Karnack by CaSandra McLaughlin

Travis Maxwell, a devoted single father and dedicated teacher, is still healing from the heartbreaking loss of his wife. With his focus solely on raising his daughter, matters of the heart have taken a backseat in his life. Melinda Jackson, a passionate single mother and owner of an online bakery, has built a life centered around her son, keeping love at a distance.When they meet at Travis’ parents’ inn during Christmas, will they take a chance on love? “Christmas in Karnack” is a heartwarming tale of second chances and the power of love. With holiday magic in the air, Travis and Melinda’s journey captivates, reminding us that unexpected gifts are the most precious.


The Missing Link (A Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novel) (The Langston Sisters Book 3) by Natasha D. Frazier

Now that her sisters, Crystal and Ava, are moving on with their lives, it’s time for Layla Langston to do the same.
Experiencing burnout and lack of purpose, Layla is ready for a change and leaves Langston Brands to live life on her own terms.

She dares to pursue her own dreams–dreams that lead her to start a new career as a journalist and thrust her in the middle of a murder investigation that just may put her life in danger.

Mason Sterling’s goal is twofold — to get the best story possible and make Houston’s local congresswoman pay for her crimes. What he doesn’t want or need is anyone to tag along in the process. But when his boss hires Layla, and Mason is tasked with being her mentor, fighting their growing emotional bond is the least of his problems.

He’ll have to keep her safe to make a future with her a possibility.


Romancing The Writer: A Righteous Romance by Ariel Nathan

Fifteen years ago, Imara swore off men. She has always considered her commitment to singlehood to be one of the best decisions of her life. After all, she has her friends, her career, and her faith. But when her roommate, and last single friend, gets engaged and moves out, Imara begins to question her choices. With an empty condo and an overwhelming load at work, Imara is in desperate need of a change.

To make matters worse, Malikiyah, the man who broke her heart all those years ago, has moved back to town and has somehow managed to rent the condo right across the hall from her. As much as Imara tries to avoid her ex, she can’t seem to leave her home without running into him. As their paths continue to cross, Imara begins to wonder what really happened between them all those years ago. Is it too late for second chances? And does she even want one?


Homicide at Vincent Vineyard (A West Coast Crime Story Book 3) by Denise N. Wheatley

A case from the past
Could change their future

New chief of police Jake Love is just settling in when information on a cold case pops up. Bringing closure to the murder at Vincent Vineyard is his top priority. And having his girlfriend, Ella Bowman, at his side helping with the investigation should have drawn them even closer. But when Ella’s connection to the powerful family leads to threats, the truth’s revelation might destroy them both.


Under the Same Roof: A Steamy Opposites Attract Romance (Texas Cattleman’s Club: Diamonds & Dating Apps Book 5) by Niobia Bryant

He’s investigating a long-lost family heirloom. She’s the prime suspect. Will love lead to the truth or to their downfall? Find out in Niobia Bryant’s explosive installment of the Texas Cattleman’s Club: Diamonds & Dating Apps series.

He was hired to uncover the truth about a stolen family heirloom, not seduce the prime suspect…

His mission to uncover the truth about a priceless stolen necklace takes PI Tremaine Knowles into the warring heart of the notorious Del Rio family. Stunning antiques collector Alisha Winters, daughter of the Del Rios’ rivals, could be the key to solving the case.

Proving she has nothing to hide, Alisha invites Tremaine into her home. Being in intimate contact unleashes a passion that forces Tremaine to make an impossible choice. Is he in bed with the enemy? Or is Alisha an innocent pawn in a scandalous, century-old feud?


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up November 27th-December 3rd

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