Have you ever wanted something so bad, even though you knew that it was no good for you?

That’s the story of Shae, a brash, fearless, and beautiful young woman living it up in Atlanta. She has the chance to get with the man who has plagued her fantasies for as long as she can remember, and she is not going to pass up the moment.

Lincoln is a man who has plenty of options when it comes to women available to him, but right now he’s focused on his paper and running his empire. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t indulge in the many women who flock his way, but a man with options can afford to be choosy and as far as he is concerned he hasn’t found his Mrs. Right, so he is enjoying the bevy of Ms. Right Nows.

Find out what happens when a woman who goes after what she wants, and sets her sight on a man who doesn’t want to be caught. Will Shae be able to ensnare Linc in her web of seduction, or will he be able to resist her sweetest temptation?

Note: This is a novelette that contains mature content and language.


New Release Spotlight – My Sweetest Temptation (Tempting The Game Series Book 1), by Selena J.

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