Meet Ahlai, a forty year old something who seems to have it all, but that’s only on the outside looking in. Married to Adam, her successful husband of twenty years and high school sweetheart, Ahlai seems to possess the perfect life. Or does she? Perfect is an understatement. There is something that she longs for, however, it appears to be unattainable. This longing for this particular desire ultimately places her marriage in serious jeopardy. Her faith will be tested in ways she could never imagine. Relocating to her husband’s hometown seems to be the right decision, however, it will infinitely open Pandora’s Box. Family secrets, lies, sex, adultery, mystery, spirituality and suspense all come together like gumbo to make the perfect recipe for disaster. This wounding road of relentless restlessness will force Ahlai and her unbelieving husband to find their way back to God in a way that’s unexpected. Will their marriage be able to withstand the plight of pain and pleasure they’re about to encounter? The answer is delicately embedded in between these pages. Prepare yourself for this tantalizing twilight tale about spiritual attacks, magic and the test of one’s faith. This is a cautionary warning of how when you play with the devil, you will get burned. Sometimes, old shadows from the past come back to haunt. Fasten your seatbelts for this wild ride.


New Release Spotlight – Satan, You Can’t Have My Marriage, by Aliada Duncan

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