Rome Betelli is protective and nurturing when it comes to the ones he loves, yet cold-hearted and dismissive when it comes to actually giving that same love to a woman. Scorned and guarded from the woman he’d chosen to give his heart to, Rome has no interest in settling down like his younger brother, Swoon. Instead, he fills his time working tirelessly at his youth community center during the day while prowling between the sheets of different women at night. He’s the perfect candidate for friends with benefits… until his path crosses with the woman that made him remember what it was like to love.

Summer Knowles is a triple threat of a woman. She’s an attorney, runs a nonprofit organization, and recently won a high-profile commissioner’s seat. She’s on top of the world, and the only thing that’s missing in her life is the mate she wants to share it with.

When her new role as commissioner threatens Rome’s community center, Summer struggles when the universe pushes the only man she’s ever loved and betrayed back into her life. Will love be enough to overcome an old family feud that led Summer to choose her family over Rome, or will she listen to her heart and restore what she’d taken away from not only Rome but also herself?


New Release Spotlight – No Rain, No Flowers, by Tisha Andrews

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