Noel Lancaster has been in love with her male best friend, Desmond McBride, forever. They have been glued to the hips as kids only for Desmond to make the biggest mistake of his life, severing the trust and ties they once held. While Desmond chooses to spend the holidays with his love, Noel decides to spend it in Mason with her niece and nephew in tow. 

Knight Commodore, prestigious millionaire with a not so happy childhood, despises holidays. He’d rather others enjoy it with their families while he struggles to just get through them one holiday at a time. Unfortunately for him, sister Queen has other plans when she suggests they spend this year’s Christmas together in Mason with hopes of their family growing closer.
Knight compromises and gives in but asks that he has some time alone before they come together as a family. Especially when Rayelle, a woman he’s known almost all of his life, reminds him why he can’t let his guard down to trust or love a woman.

When he does, his path crosses with the likes of Noel and the ride takes off hard and fast when they both find a way to turn their personal and family misfortune into a reason to forgive and love.


New Release Spotlight – Noel: Stay Another Day, by Tisha Andrews

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