There’s a new release coming from Harlem C. Boston, and we have the cover!

Who wants to fall into the arms of a bodacious physical therapist?

Mahogany Taylor sure doesn’t… At least not anymore since her college crush broke her heart. Now that she’s a multi-millionairess princess owning one of the largest branding enterprises in the country. She’s over love… Or is she? Mahogany joins her besties in the beautiful snowy mountains, and doesn’t expect to find anything. Well… That is until her college crush Des Franklin shows up uninvited. Des Franklin, the hot bod, physical therapist any day other than when he puts his firefighter hat on.

Undeniably the perfect pair especially when they’re sneaking off to cover each other in chocolate kisses, but Mahogany won’t admit that she’s slightly attracted to him. Absolutely not, never going to happen in a million plus years, but when fate takes control sparks fly. However, just when she starts to fall for the green-eyed hunkster, Mahogany’s high profile client gives Des play by play competition, and her face ends up plastered all over social media. Will Des blow out this fire before it ruins everything? Is Mahogany keeping a secret of her own?


Pre-Order now, and be sure to show Harlem C. Boston some release day love on April 30th!

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Cover Reveal – A Princess Doesn’t Kiss Frogs, by Harlem C. Boston


  1. I want to give a big shout out to Girl Have You Read for your pride and appreciation for black authors. Thank you for uplifting black authors and our voices in such a positive way. I can’t tell you how many great authors I’ve been introduced to through your social media channel alone. Much love, and fruitfulness to you for all you do! Blessings💜😊

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