Zahi is young and living life to the fullest. But when he’s thrust into fatherhood, Zahi is forced to change his outlook on life, love, and happiness. The self-proclaimed bachelor did not expect to be swept up in emotions he’s never felt. However, caring for his daughter, Zuri, charged a part of his heart that he thought was dead. The spark awakened a need for more out of life. From the moment he laid eyes on India, he was drawn to her. The pull was so intense, and no matter how many times he told himself to stay away from her, he just couldn’t follow his own command. Zahi was bewitched.

India is young, smart, and career driven. Graduating college at sixteen left India with loads of book knowledge, but when it came to actually living as an adult, she operated behind the curve. When Zahi enters her life, India gets a crash course in learning her body, and the feelings that came along with being swept up by a charismatic and charming man. However, she hopes she can keep up, and not be swept away by emotions she’s never experienced.

Zahi and India’s connection starts off sweet and romantic, but when the heat between them is dialed up, their romance becomes scorching. Join them on their fun, sexy, and emotional journey.


New Release Spotlight – Playing With Fire, by Shay Davis

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