I’m not only dealing with being the star player on the Tennessee panthers team and dealing with bringing the team back to the finals cup. It doesn’t help that I clash with the coach and the management team that assigned a new physical therapist who thinks she knows everything and keeps reminding me how the final decision is up to her if I ever play again. Now I need to figure out if listen to my gut or Sadie and give myself extra time to get better. Otherwise, I could permanently do damage, not only to my heart but my leg as well.


As the daughter of the Coach and the new physical therapist, I’ve had to prove myself for years to make it on my own. When the opportunity to become the new therapist for Panthers opened up, I jumped at the chance. The biggest problem is Destin constantly gets in trouble for his off-field antics, and less for winning games, on top of pushing back to get him back at a hundred percent to the game.

Will Sadie and Destin compromise and see it’s better to work together, or will the enemies clash and burn before the Cup finals start?

Scoring with Sadie is a sexy new fake dating, enemies to lovers, sports romance. Hot bad boy, feisty heroine, and soulful romance.


New Release Spotlight – Scoring with Sadie, by Chiquita Dennie

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