Engaged to be married, I thought that I was with my forever. Of course, like any couple, what Percy and I had was far from perfect; but as far as I knew, we were making it work. So, imagine my surprise, when I came home one day, and found him packing up to leave. I was blindsided. I mean, for real blindsided. But what came after that, was the real surprise. Now, that … it sent my world shattering into a million pieces right before my eyes. Shocked by how awful the chips were falling, I needed a moment to relieve some stress.  

And that’s how I first met him


My main priority was focusing on expanding my brand, and making sure my name rang bells in the places it needed to. It was all about business for me—with pleasure not too far behind. My world was one where women were sport. Sex and not too much more. I definitely wasn’t looking for monogamy, or happily-ever-afters. I’m a firm believer in playing the field, and a strong non-believer in there being a special “one” for me. Truthfully, I don’t believe that a man can find everything he needs in one woman.

But then I came into contact with her

♥•♥•♥     ♥•♥•♥     ♥•♥•♥

On a night of recklessness for Cadence, and a night of what was supposed to be a regular hookup for Yazid, worlds unknowingly collide. It’s fire, it’s magnetic, it’s passion … in the form of a one-night stand … that ends with these strangers going their own separate ways. 

But what happens when the universe’s plans override their own, and their lives once again intertwine in the most unexpected way?


New Release Spotlight – Promise Me You Won’t Let Me Fall, by Perri Forrest

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