Growing up, she wasn’t privy to crystal stairs and high roads. She lived a life paved with devastation and destruction, even in her formative years. While her peers jumped rope and tagged each other ‘it,’ she was ducking child services workers in between searching for her drunk mother and boosting whatever she could to survive in the meantime. After stealing a DSLR camera and ordered to complete community service, she found hope behind the lens of that boosted DSLR. Now a photography student at Tisch, she gives her all to make her dreams come true. Flooding the sidewalks of her artsy neighborhood and every big event that comes to town, she shakes up New York City with her revolutionizing guerrilla fashion shows. She knows she has nothing to lose and a world to gain. She never suspected she’d find herself in the crosshairs of the gentlest giant and vying in a race for which she had no training.

He’d been in the fast lane going nowhere at maximum speed, and it cost him everything. He knew what he needed; a fresh start and New York City was just the place. It was his last-ditch effort to keep his mother from burying her only living child. He had something to prove to his mother, his cousins, and mostly to himself. Giving all his time and energy to managing the lounge his cousin entrusted to him, he overloads the East Village with good vibes only. He never knew that good vibes had a boomerang effect; what he gave others he would get back. Whether he wanted it or not.

Their meeting was inevitable. They had too many people in common, so as much as they wanted to drop out of the race, it was unlikely. Both strong-willed and passionate, they understand that there are only two choices; run together and win, or get ready to watch everyone else cross the finish line. Ready. Set. Lose.


New Release Spotlight – Ready. Set. Lose. (Big City Bliss Book 2), by Harleigh Rae

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