A new edition of reviews and recommendations is here and ready for your enjoyment, including a few Happy V-Day stories!

The Restart (New Beginnings Book 2) by Nicole Falls – Okay, so this author pushed the pen this time around to have two back to back reviews. She’s been a prolific pen pusher for the past couple of months, and I, for one, am having the time of my life with each new edition. In this story, the author presented another sports-themed tale with a lot of love thrown in for good measure. And you all know how much I love athletes and romance in the same story. In this one, Blair Gordon was able to rekindle a connection with old flame Leighton Forbes. You’ll adore their trip down memory lane for a restart. I look forward to the next story.  5.0 Stars

If Only For One Night: (A Valentine’s Day Prelude) by Skye Moon – Readers, this was a sweet little indulgence from one of the newer authors. I’ve discovered some delectable and tasty tales in her repertoire.  After her ratchet man dumped her, Chase allowed her cousin to talk her into going to a club. She also encouraged her to let her hair down. Well… not only did she let her hair down, but she also got the ride of her life. Malakai agreed to let her use him. I’m telling you these short stories are making me want some sweet nothings whispered in my ears. Yes, it was good too. 5.0 Stars.

Uncovered Truths: A Novella by Alexandra Warren – I just wanted to see what was going on beneath the covers. They say, ‘the truth will set you free,’ or the truth will get you in deeper trouble, and “they” need to shut up…  This story was the opposite of what I expected, and I’m elated to relay my joy because this second chance story was super dope. The story was short, sexy, and I enjoyed every page turn, hip thrust, and, oh my! Whew! You need to read this one and be prepared to sop the drool from your chin. 5.0 Stars


A Dirty Valentine by Nicole Falls – Fellow readers this story was a fun and sexy Valentine’s treat. The couple likable, and their story quite enjoyable. The dirty Valentine’s day was about old acquaintances getting reacquainted. I appreciated the author’s spin on this couple’s V-Day love. Next year I’ll use some of their mojo for myself. 5.0 Stars.


Magnolia: A Perfect Love (Flowers Sisters Book 1) by Asia Monique – Magnolia said she never had a man to speak to parts of her like Lennox. I’m going to need Lennox to pay a visit to a friend of mine. Wink-wink. Magnolia was the older sister and chief in charge. She did not believe there was time for a man in her life until she met Professor Lennox. You all trust when I tell you this man did his thang, and Ms. Magnolia had her soul turned inside out. Book one will have me coming back to see what’s up. 5.0 Stars

This Week in Reviews and Recommendations.

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