They were high school and even college sweethearts. Then their relationship imploded from the pressure and expectations they swore that they wouldn’t conform to. 

Reign Champion was the quintessential rebellious preacher’s kid. Always pushing the envelope…but not just for the sake of pushing it. She pushed in the name of love. For seven years, the love of Xavier Mayhew buoyed her, anchored her, and fed her. Then suddenly, it was taken away – leaving Reign adrift in her sorrow and wondering if she would ever feel like the Reign she was before the storm.

Xavier Mayhew was a mess. Rejection was a very present emotion in his life. At almost every turn he was reminded of how many people had walked out on him. But never Reign. Reign’s love was the source of his happiness, his solace, his peace. So, why did he walk away from her? Why did he leave her to drown in her own tears?

It’s taken three years, but life has a way of coming full circle. Xavier’s back to claim his girl, and he has no intentions of taking no for an answer. 


New Release Spotlight – Reign Delay, by Tracy Gray

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