After the ultimate blunder committed by Marley, Lyncoln shut the door on his relationship with her. Lyncoln knew Marley had some insecurities, but he never imagined betrayal would be the reason for the ending of their relationship. As much as it pained him to let her go, Lyncoln severed ties with the woman he loved but now didn’t trust.

Marley is devastated about her failed relationship and upset with herself after making what she deems as the dumbest mistake of her life. After losing the man she finally realizes she loves, Marley knows it’s time for her to do some soul searching and figure out what’s really going on the inside.

Does Marley have the determination to “do the work” and find the root of her insecurities? Will Lyncoln exercise forgiveness, and let Marley back into his life? Find out, in the conclusion of Lyncoln and Marley’s love story!

Author’s Note: This is Book 2 in the series. Please read Rose Gold Part I before reading this story.


New Release Spotlight – Rose Gold: Part II (He Loves Me She Loves Me Not Series), by J. Danielle

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