When life leaves you loveless, you decide not to invest in anything other than what you can control.

To Dr. Gymani Chandler, that’s sex with no expectations nor any strings attached. That is until one man, her superior, Chief Harrison Yukon, decides that he desires to have that and more.

Determined to only focus on saving lives in a fast-paced emergency room, Gymani forges ahead with hopes that Harrison will move on. That should be pretty simple, especially since he’s engaged to another woman—Dr. Samantha Adler.

Gideon “Switch” Thomas, an entrepreneur that owns his own lock and security installation company, has no interest in settling down. After almost losing his life to the streets, his only priority is being a provider for his mother, siblings and daughter.

An unfortunate incident occurs, leaving his younger brother’s basketball career hanging on a limb. Gymani and Switch soon learn that what they both are unwilling to submit to is the one thing that brings them together—that’s the need and desire to experience true love.


New Release Spotlight – Save Me For You, by Tisha Andrews

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