Sidelined: The Penalty is the second installment of the sizzling Sidelined Series about love, friendships, and half-truths.

Sidelined by the very public news of a surprise engagement, the accomplished event planner Bryn Charles ends her unlikely love affair with her NFL superstar client, Shane Smith, and is determined to have a future without him.

Only, she fears it’s impossible.

She’s contracted to plan his next big event and inundated with non-stop news coverage of his record-breaking season. To make matters worse, she is struggling with a secret that she won’t be able to hide for much longer. But when an awful evening brings the seemingly sincere bad boy to her doorstep, Bryn is unable to turn him away.

Will she reveal her secret and stay true to herself, or will she play her position despite the tactics of a vengeful ex? Either way, she’ll have a hefty penalty to pay.




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New Release Spotlight – Sidelined: The Penalty, by Bianca Williams

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