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Made To Hold You (Decades: A Journey of African-American Romance Book 9) by Elle Wright

Layla Johnson had a picture perfect life: a career as an educator, a beautiful daughter, a son on the way, and a loving husband. Only Layla didn’t count on the effect the burgeoning war on drugs would have on her family and her world. And on one rainy night, everything that she worked to attain is destroyed. Now, she’s on her own, with two young children, a mounting pile of debt…and the past knocking at her door.

Lincoln Wilson broke the one thing he treasured most. Instead of spending the rest of his life doting on his beautiful wife and children, he’s alone, haunted by his many mistakes. Determined to make amends, Lincoln works to put the pieces of his life back together again. And although it’s an uphill battle, he is up for the challenge. The last step in Lincoln’s program is to prove to his wife that he can be the man she needs. When he shows up on her doorstep ready to reclaim his life, will Layla let him in?



The Sheriff of Wickham Falls (Wickham Falls Weddings) by Rochelle Alers

You can search the world over…

But sometimes love is right next door.

Deputy Sheriff Seth Collier is content to serve and protect the citizens of Wickham Falls…until the sexy ex-marine meets his new next-door neighbor. Dr. Natalia Hawkins left the big-city ER for a small-town practice. And while Seth is everything her nasty ex wasn’t…Natalia’s head says to leave him in the friend zone. But her heart says this may be a second chance at love.



A Stallion Dream (The Stallions) by Deborah Fletcher Mello

Has this Stallion met his match…

In and out of the courtroom?

Collin Stallion plans to give back to the community by volunteering to exonerate someone wrongfully convicted of crime. His partner in the high-profile case—powerhouse attorney London Jacobs—isn’t impressed by the seductive bachelor. Until passion ignites. But with an adversary threatening Collin’s family legacy and London’s ex-fiancé sworn to win her back, will they fulfill their dream of love?



Love for All Time (Sapphire Shores) by Kianna Alexander

The TV star he admired from a distance—

just descended on his beach town…

Sapphire Shores is rolling out the red carpet for Sierra Dandridge, aka the Ice Queen. But real estate scion Campbell Monroe finds nothing cold about the worldly beauty. Their sizzling desire culminates in an intimate affair neither wants to end. Until a younger actress’s vicious social media campaign threatens Sierra’s career, and her life…



Winning Her Forever (Bay Point Confessions) by Harmony Evans

He’s the man she shouldn’t trust

But can’t resist…

Construction entrepreneur Trent Waterson has a passion for hard work, custom motorcycles…and the one woman in Bay Point who tries to avoid him. Former dancer Sonya Young is stunned to learn that her childhood home is in danger of being foreclosed. Even worse, Trent’s brother is trying to strike a deal for the property. Can Trent choose between family loyalty and their breathtaking chemistry?



Secret Paradise (Dupree Sisters Book 2) by Dara Girard

One night with you…
Interior designer, Nikki Dupree, can’t believe her luck when she gets a commission to redesign the island mansion of the wealthy recluse, Lucian Kontos. She loves the gorgeous Mediterranean island and shimmering blue waters that wash along the sandy beaches. But her new employer turns her job into anything but paradise.
Arrogant and short tempered, Lucian makes no excuses for his rude behavior. Scarred by a fire that nearly destroyed all he held dear, he trusts no one and rejects all pity and kindness.
However, Nikki’s beauty and passion for life slowly tears down his defenses.
But can a wounded man risk his heart on a woman who plans to leave?



Second Time Sweeter: A Blessings Novel by Beverly Jenkins

NAACP nominee and USA Today bestselling author Beverly Jenkins continues her beloved Blessings series with a new heartwarming novel set in Henry Adams, Kansas.

Malachi “Mal” July has run into trouble in the past. With a reputation as a player, he’s now a recovering alcoholic and has made progress in redeeming himself in the eyes of his family and the citizens of Henry Adams, Kansas. He’s not only turned his diner into a profitable business, but also mentors the town’s foster kids. And he’s even staying true to one woman—Bernadine Brown.

But all it takes is a moment of pride to blind Mal to his blessings—a moment that makes him betray his friends and family, and lose Bernadine’s trust and love. Will he ever be able to win her forgiveness?

Meanwhile Homecoming Weekend is fast approaching, and store owner Gary Clark is reunited with his high school sweetheart. All it takes is a few minutes for them to realize the spark is still there, but is it too late for second chances?

A little help from the good people of Henry Adams may give both Mal and Gary the best second chance at the happiness they missed the first time around…



The Heiress’s Secret Romance (The Kingsley of Texas) by Martha Kennerson

From undercover lovers to happily-ever-after?

Investigator Kathleen Winston’s task is clear: uncover the truth about the alleged safety violations at Kingsley Oil and Gas. But one look at ruggedly sexy VP Morgan Kingsley and her scrutiny transforms into seduction! Kathleen can’t deny their explosive chemistry during the workday…or the unbridled passion in his arms at night. But can the emotionally guarded bachelor forgive Kathleen once her identity and her heart are revealed?



Blood City: A Big Easy Vampire Short (A Big Easy Short Book 1) by T.P. Miller

In the Big Easy, anything could happen. On a girls trip, Chloe Palmer thought she was living the life. That is until she realizes that she’s a vampire. She wants to know who made her a creature of the night until a strange man walks into her life and reveals that they have the same story. How is he connected and will she find the man that made the Big Easy run red?



No Love in His Heart 2: The Finale by B. Love

In the preface of “No Love in his Heart” seeds of love bloomed. In part one, those seeds became flowers that were nurtured. In part two, those flowers… may wilt.

For Messiah and Blue, it seems as if they can never catch a break. When Messiah finally decides to permanently and legally tie his life to Blue, his life is put on the line. Will he be found and saved, or will the future he had in store for Blue die right along with him?

For Indie and Kiylee, the past has a way of constantly resurfacing in their present, threatening their future. A lack of communication between these two leads Kiylee into the arms of another man. Will she come to her senses in time, or will Indie end their relationship before it can truly begin?

For Alante and Tamara, their ten-year toxic marriage has turned them both into people they don’t even recognize. When Tamara asks for a divorce, Alante agrees, surprising everyone that knows him. Attorney Rockmore has made it his mission to help Tamara with her divorce proceedings, and her heart if she will allow him. There’s just one problem – Alante’s medication turns him into the man Tamara has always wanted him to be. Will she continue on with the divorce, or give love with her husband a second chance?


Enticed by You (Wellspring Series) by Elle Wright

In Wellspring, Michigan, the Wells family is known for their wealth, their taste—and their patriarch’s unbridled greed. But now his three heirs are taking back what’s rightfully theirs . . .
With his father ailing and incapacitated, Parker Wells, Jr. has a bold new vision for the company he now heads. For starters, he wants to heal the rifts his father’s ruthless tactics have created in the community—and within his own family. But when Parker is rear-ended by a gorgeous stranger, he finds himself torn between business and pleasure . . .

Crashing her car is not how corporate attorney Kennedi Robinson wanted to announce her return to town, especially since the man she hit is the same one who’s trying to rip her aunt’s livelihood and land out from under her. Kennedi knows better than to fall for Parker’s charms—and she’s primed for battle.



Sultry Nights (The Nights Series Book 2) by Suzette Riddick

Sultry Nights is a full-length novel.

Disowned by her parents for loving the wrong man, fashion designer, Teresa Castro returns to Philadelphia to fulfill a childhood dream.

Tall, dark, and irresistible, Pierce Harrington is a forbidden temptation she can’t ignore. Teresa’s past taught her love doesn’t play fair. Though she wants to resist Pierce, it’s impossible to ignore the smoldering chemistry between them.

Former Secret Service Agent Pierce Harrington believed he found his soulmate until his ex-wife cheated. He’s given up on finding love again, until Teresa Castro.

For two years, Pierce shadows the younger sister of professional athlete, Alonzo Castro. Each day, his attraction to the Afro-Cuban beauty grows stronger. After his assignment is over, Pierce makes his move to capture Teresa’s heart.

Will old family traditions, self-doubt, and a spiteful ex-wife spoil their chance of finding love together?



Secrets at the Villa: A Novelette by C. Monet

I desired a man that would do more than ‘skim’ the pages of me but get down and study me. – Shannon Parker

Shannon…The Maid

TaeDyn…The Billionaire

Villa full of Secrets

It wasn’t supposed to be this easy or effortless but somehow TaeDyn Benedict, came along and changed Shannons mind about who he was. Once a pompous, important boss turned into a smooth, heart stealing criminal.

Her heart to be exact.

How did she go from sharing secrets about his many concubines to becoming one? Maybe it was the excitement of being with one of the most eligible bachelors known to man or maybe it was the fact that secretly this was what she dreamed of all along? But no love story is without a dose of tragedy. Will the secrets bring the villa to rubbish or will love conquer all?

Find out in Secrets at the Villa……



À la Carte: A ‘Coffee Date’ Novella (The Shorts Book 6) by Nia Forrester

An unexpected visitor up-ends the rhythm of the new life Rand and Dani are building together, reminding them of the consequences of Rand’s difficult past, and raising even tougher questions about their future.



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New Release Round-Up August 27th-September 2nd

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