Parker is the top Architect at the firm where she works. She felt like she didn’t get the recognition she deserved partially from Sam, the head partner of the firm. She’s furious when Sam hires another architect instead of the one she plans to hire. Parker is not very welcoming to Josiah, but she also can’t deny their chemistry together.

Josiah is single, handsome, and very confident. He is beyond excited when he gets hired at one of the top architectural firms in New York. Unfortunately for him, Josiah becomes the center of some office drama, but he isn’t concerned about that. He has his sights set on his new co-worker, Parker.

When tensions rise, they can no longer deny their feelings for each other. Together, they take a leap of faith that will either work out in their favor or make them regret their feelings for each other.


New Release Spotlight – So Much Love To Give, by Pamela Campbell

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