Never date an entertainer.

That’s what Zorra Dyson tells herself, until she falls for a popular dancehall deejay, Kai X.

A heated argument between them goes viral, and she’s grateful to the guy who intervenes and prevents a bad situation from becoming worse.

Tristan is everything Kai is not, yet she vibes with him. It’s clear he has secrets, and when their budding friendship affects his job and Zorra’s approval rating with her father, she’s forced to rethink their connection.

A decision is easy, until Kai exposes Tristan’s devastating history on stage and hints that she’s the source. Kai’s game of revenge, plus the threat of being disowned by her father is a double-edged sword.

Yet, Zorra’s independence and the dream of a romance with someone who understands her are reason enough to follow her heart. That’s if Kai will let her go without ruining her life and what’s left of her reputation.


New Release Spotlight – Zorra: The Idea Outlet (Life & Music Book 2), by J.L. Campbell

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