Zeke & Jules situationship continues in Somebody’s Forever.

Will they find happily ever after, or was it fun while it lasted?

After a tumultuous divorce, Dr. Jemma Holiday simply wanted a fresh start… with Dr. Ezekiel Green.

Living in the small college town of Monroe City, Jemma was reluctant to go public with the new relationship,

while Ezekiel was ready to share the love for his beautiful Jules with the world.

Jemma wanted to be somebody’s girlfriend. She wanted a man she could love with no shame. But was Jules moving too fast with the good doctor Zeke or was this whirlwind love affair right on time?

Ezekiel wanted to be somebody’s forever, to love every beautiful flaw, every imperfection of a woman. Zeke wanted to be Jemma’s forever.


New Release Spotlight – Somebody’s Forever, by Robbi Renee

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