“Jemma had me at hello… but she was somebody’s wife.” 

Dr. Ezekiel Green is ready to make a fresh start in a new city after the divorce from his high school sweetheart. What was supposed to be a professional business dinner with a future colleague quickly transformed into a love at first sight encounter… or so he thought. Dr. Jemma Holiday was spirited, brilliant, beautiful, and another man’s wife. 

“Doesn’t he know I’m somebody’s wife? Does he care? Shit… do I care?”

Dr. Jemma Holiday had the perfect life, love, marriage, and family in the public’s eye. But behind closed doors, betrayal and mundane monotony were suffocating. A marriage of situational necessity. What was supposed to be a pleasurable evening out with her sorority sisters, abruptly transitioned to the one-night stand of her dreams… or so she thought.

What’s the worst that could happen?


New Release Spotlight – Somebody’s Wife, by Robbi Renee

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