Faking it is so much better the second time around.


Five years ago, I was the reigning princess of pop. Now, I’m just a former boy band member’s ex. I’ve been in this business a long time, so I’ve developed a tough skin. But negative press is hijacking my fundraising campaign to save my performing arts high school in Atlanta from being demolished. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So to spin the story my way, I’ve asked celebrity DJ Ward Hughes to reprise his role as my fake boyfriend—a stunt we pulled in high school. But this time, Ward has demands.


I started out spinning records in underground clubs in Atlanta and rose to fame playing sets at legendary clubs and festivals all over the world. Ten years in, and I’m tired of grueling, international tours and living out of hotel rooms. I’m ready to shift gears and become a songwriter and record producer. But A-list artists are reluctant to work with an unproven writer and producer. Working on Karris’s comeback album will give me the chance to showcase my pen game and production skills while helping her make music with a soulful vibe she was truly meant to sing.

But faking it as high school sweethearts who spin the block hits a little too close to home because nothing about our feelings has ever really been fake.


New Release Spotlight – Spin the Block: A Second Chance Romance (The Love & Music Suite Book 1), by Reese Ryan

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