Life has a way of staying in the unfair lane while waving at you at the same time. Love and loss are connecting themselves to me and I’m over it. I wanted little outside the love of my life and a baby. First, my unconditional love departed, my conditional love followed, and soon after, my body turned on me. The way I view things, partaking in a one-night stand shouldn’t be a big deal. The smooth batter piece of chocolate approached me first. Why not? I’m owed something for carrying life’s baggage. My suitor for the night decided one encounter wasn’t enough to fulfill his need. Against my wishes, he inserted himself into my life, demanding things I swore off years ago.


I wasn’t looking for anything, including a good time. Being at the wrong place at the right time paid off with a night of pleasure. Everything in me said leave her alone, but I couldn’t resist at least a small taste. I’ve had nothing so delicious and decided I needed to sample it again, but she ghosted me. Never being the one to take no for an answer, and with unlimited resources, I found her again.

This time around, she became more than a pleasurable moment. She became my anchor, someone to keep me grounded in my new identity. As I’m steadying myself to fully take on a life of legal means, my past comes calling. Before I could handle the interference, but now, I’ve got too much to lose. Resisting temptation is no easy feat, especially when things become deadly.


New Release Spotlight – Keva’s Dream, by Elle Madearis

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