*This story is an update on the lives of Kyree and Braelynn Ross, who were first introduced in Since the Day We Met. If you have not read the previously mentioned book, I would recommend that you do. This is a novelette and only meant to give you a small glimpse into the couple’s life after marriage and children.*

Several years have passed since the day they met, and Kyree and Braelynn are living happily ever after… or are they?

As they maneuver through the ups and downs of life as business owners and the parents of three boisterous boys, Kyree is convinced their family won’t be complete until he has a little girl to spoil rotten. Braelynn, however, disagrees.

What happens when there is no compromise? Will their love remain steady, or will this test the limits of their love?


New Release Spotlight – Steady Love – Kyree & Braelynn, by Kay Shanee

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