Tye “Swoon” Betelli is at the height of his career, an illustrator for a top rated animated show on a major network. From the outside looking in, Swoon appears to have it all—a beautiful, aspiring actress for a girlfriend, Ciara, for the past five years and a six-figure salary. When not working, he’s either freelancing or volunteering at his brother Rome’s community center as a guest speaker or art teacher. He and Rome couldn’t be any closer despite them being like night and day.

While Rome doesn’t mind spreading himself around when it comes to dating, Swoon is quite comfortable being a one woman’s man, that is, until he learns that Ciara has checked out of the relationship, labeling him boring and predictable.

Life as Swoon knew it soon changes when he meets a struggling single mother—Sanniyah Seacaster. Sanniyah and Ciara have something in common as Sanniyah is a struggling actress herself. Landing a few gigs, however, are never enough when raising a child alone. Used to moving around, she and her son take a leap and try a new city. What Sanniyah never imagined though besides landing a new job was her discovering that love just might be waiting in the wings for her.

The only problem is two men are interested in her—Swoon and Rome. Will Sanniyah fall prey to Rome, the outgoing, charismatic ladies’ man or will she give Swoon a try, the one fresh out of a relationship trying to do something new, different, and unpredictable.


New Release Spotlight – The Day I Met My Soul, by Tisha Andrews

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