Rose and Diesel have found love, but war is all around them. After they struggled to accept they were meant for each other, a scorned ex lover clothed in evilness won’t allow them to have their happily ever after. While Delilah once held Diesel’s heart captive, she now wants who Diesel has—Rose. Unfortunately for them, Delilah will stop at nothing to get her, even betraying those who trust her the most.

Feeling stuck in a loveless engagement, both Zara and Hugh, this time around seek the love they both desire in someone else. No longer consumed with maintaining an image, Hugh makes a decision that ultimately sends Zara’s into the heart of another man. That man is Getty, the panty dropping singing sensation, whose days of whoring around are no more.
Getty, however, has done something that might cost him the only woman who has managed to kidnap his heart. Already feeling unworthy of Zara’s dlove due to her past, Getty wonders if he’s gone too far this time just to make her his.

As each of them seek truth with hopes of new beginnings, the thorns of a jaded rose rear it’s ugly head, threatening to cause bloodshed and more. Maybe even death.

Find out in this finale of Steel Roses Bleed Too where dishonor is more important than love. It could cost them their lives.


New Release Spotlight -Steel Roses Bleed Too, by Tisha Andrews

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