Bria couldn’t be prouder of herself. Finally, all the years of law school and countless hours dedicated to studying are over and she’s working the case she hoped she’d get. This could make or break her career. She’s ready for it. What she doesn’t expect is the ominous threats and the very real possibility she could lose her life because of it.

Cairo sacrificed everything for his career. Now it’s time to say goodbye and walk away with his head held high. That is, it will be after one final case, but this is no ordinary case and the attorney is no ordinary woman. She’s smart, sexy, and naïve about the danger she’s in.

Notorious mob kingpin Moses Giovanni never loses. People are expendable to him. And the hot young attorney with a chip on her shoulder is next on his list of people who need to be erased.

Find out how one case brings Bria, Cairo, and Moses face-to-face. The fight is on. Will Cairo’s last case end in disaster? Can he keep Bria safe from harm or is he in over his head?


New Release Spotlight – Protecting Bria (Special Forces: Operation Alpha), by KeKe Renée

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