I had the opportunity to be there for him, the same way he had always been there for me.
Alani Felix, an accountant and workaholic, desperately needs a vacation. Unexpected time off comes her way and what better way to spend it than with her best friend on a beautiful island?
Eagan King is a romance author who has lost his juice. Although he is surrounded by a support system, he can’t seem to kick the funk he’s in. A trip to St. Croix seems to be just what the doctor ordered to clear his mind and possibly give way to inspiration.
Things seem to unfold rapidly, but what happens when a setback threatens to wipe away the hope of new discoveries? When the burden of keeping everything together becomes too much, will Alani and Eagan be able to bounce back? Or has too much damage to the heart already been done?


New Release Spotlight – Stronger Because of You, by Erika B.

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