Just out of a bad relationship, Leona Adams feels the need for a fresh start. She’s thinking a holiday, and she’s more than ready for a change of scenery but she’s definitely not looking for a man.

But when Daniel Miller walks into her life, she can’t help but enjoy the view.

Daniel is definitely a tall drink and a cool breeze and he makes Leona hot and bothered..

Or is he?

Could this be the start of a serious romance or is it just a summer of love?



“You’re here alone?”
I nodded. He raised an eyebrow and smiled. 
“Well in that case… this calls for a celebration. Champagne?”
He had even teeth with a gap, that somehow made his smile even more charming.
I hesitated.
“Are you trying to take advantage of me?”
“I’m not sure you’re ready to hear the answer to that.”
“Try me.”
“That’s my line. But if you’re offering…”
That smile again. I couldn’t help laughing in response as he ordered Veuve Clicquot from a waiter who’d materialized unobtrusively next to us.

I had to be honest and admit I had needs of my own. I deserved better. I deserved the way Daniel was looking at me like I was a goddess that he wanted to worship. I deserved the way he touched me as if I was fragile but also like he planned to ravage me. And I planned to let him.
I had planned to let him even before the champagne.
I didn’t meet men and jump into bed with them. Tina had tried to set me up but she knew if that was the first thing a man wanted, he was never hearing from me again. But this thing with Daniel, this felt like summer love. Like that Gambino song, ‘Summertime Magic’. All I expected was a fun holiday fling. It was going to be short-lived and I had no plans to see him again so why the hell not. He was sexy and hell but so smooth with it that I knew without asking that he did this all the time. Men like him probably had women in every port. I’d be a fool to think he was single. He’d already mentioned he wasn’t married and he said he was unattached but I had my doubts. And even if that was the truth, he wouldn’t be that way for long. But for now, for tonight, he would be mine and if the sensuous way he licked my fingers was any indication, I was totally open to the pleasure this man could give…



New Release Spotlight – Summer of Love: A Short Story, by Cassie Hart

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