Can you imagine listening to the made-for-dreaming neighbor always getting his freak on every time he closes his doors? Moreover, the same man is cocky and super-hot all rolled into one package. Now picture this; he makes the heroine madder than a rabid dog, but she wants him, even with all that’s obvious to everyone who can hear him. He can put it down, he gets much play, and the heroine wants a piece of him no matter the facts surrounding his arrogance. This reviewer even had a slight moment of reflection while reading this short. Can a girl dream, right? Moreover, for the record the hot guy’s name was Arthur. Old school, yeah!

Arthur had so much going on with his work and his women, most of the time the story was too funny with his antics. The way the author wove this story into severe moments along with all the crazy happenings was a great deal of fun. Arthur could be a girl’s dream or her worst nightmare if she expected to have a relationship with Mr. I am not the One Guy. The fact that Eve listened and lusted after his frequent guests were maddening. On the flip side, Eve was the object of his desires as well because she was nothing like the women he allowed to frequent his treasure trove. Eve had a plan, goals and a desire to be a professional something one day. The place she resided in was her misfortune, or maybe it was her destination to finding the man meant for her. Now, imagine Eve and Arthur as a couple? If digging deeper to see beyond his image was the key, then don’t be surprised with how that works out.

Another reviewer said it best, “Arthur made arrogance look incredible and super sexy,” I agree with this statement one hundred percent. Eve and Arthur together had enough energy to bring down Building 402 in an implosion of love. The playful bantering in the relationship was too cute and added to the explosiveness in their love connection. Although this was a short piece, the story satisfied all the cravings for something good to talk about later. So, what’s next will hopefully be another great treat.


Review – Adjacent: A Building 402 Novella, by Alexandra Warren

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