Paityn is a laid-off technical writer trying to make her side hustle of freelance writing her main thing while she gets her online magazine on its feet. She’s spent more than a month in her apartment with little to no human contact and hasn’t been on a date in more than a year. With the holiday season approaching, Paityn’s besties Babe and Austin intervene, trying to get ahead of Paityn’s holiday blues.  

They set her up on a blind date.   

After traveling thirty minutes to meet her blind date halfway, Paityn’s blind date is a no show. Giving Mr. No Show the benefit of the doubt, she waits an entire hour. The band and the live music almost make up for being stood up.   

Luz, a multitalented musician, has been fortunate enough to make a living doing what he loves, playing the drums for multiple bands and traveling the world while doing so.  

Sitting on the stage playing his regular mid-week set Luz literally stopped playing when I saw Paityn Harding stroll through the restaurant to a table in his line of view. The object of his unrequited high school crush just walks in the door and into his life fifteen years after he last saw her in high school.    

When Luz realized her date was a no-show, he saw it as an opportunity to do what he was too shy to do years ago.   

This second chanced romance is just what Friendsgiving ordered.


New Release Spotlight – Table Set for Two, by L.M. Richardson

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